L3Harris BROADSHIELD®: Agile, highly capable Counter-RCIED

L3Harris BROADSHIELD®: Agile, highly capable Counter-RCIED

Battle-proven protection against the immediate physical threat
The threat from improvised explosive devices (IEDs) has grown exponentially in recent years, and shows no sign of slowing. Many IEDs can be built ad-hoc, controlled remotely and assembled with relative ease. As a result, they are an increasingly prevalent danger to personnel in the field.
As this threat landscape continues to change, L3Harris’ electronic warfare (EW) capability is changing along with it, evolving into tactically agile systems ready to offer enhanced protection against IEDs and RCIEDs.

BROADSHIELD® provides mission-critical protection against the ever-growing threat of RCIEDs for at-risk personnel.

Offering EW capabilities that range from advanced jamming to modular countermeasures, BROADSHIELD is the ideal choice for near-term convoy protection, troop protection, VIP protection and explosive ordnance disposal teams.

Battle-proven, this technology is even able to deliver multi-role EW capability, enabling commanders to rapidly switch between force protection, electronic attack or electronic surveillance as needed.

Defeat the immediate threat with BROADSHIELD® >

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