Tactical Gear kit for LEO

Since our Olive Drab kit build out got so much love and attention on our social media, we thought we’d give you the exclusive run down on it.

First you want to start out with a good foundation. Our Core Plate Carrier is a slick, minimalistic plate carrier that can be built out to the end-user’s mission requirements. For this set up we chose to show you what a potential SWAT Team member may need.

We then added our Core Side Plate Cummerbund for added protection for those going into hostile environments such as active-shooter situations.

After that we added our Navigator™ Tech Pouch. The Navigator™ is perfect for holding your cell phone in case you need to access digital mapping software or use your device to document evidence.

Additionally we added our Polymer Double Decker® TACOs®. Our Polymer line of TACOS® offer a slick, clean appearance while giving you the same shock cord retention as our traditional magazine pouches.

For this setup we chose to add our Slick Handcuff TACO® to the front of the Core Plate Carrier for easy access in a situation where you may be dealing with an uncooperative suspect.

At the bottom of the Core Plate Carrier we attached our ReFlex™ Hanger System. This allows for quick and easy access to your life saving medical equipment. The benefits of wearing your medical gear hanger style is that it keeps your medical equipment off of your back side and your hips, making it much more efficient for getting in and out of vehicles.

Looking lower at our belt set up we started with our Duty-Grip™ Padded Belt. This belt has vertical laser-cut slots making it easy for you adjust or attach holsters and other gear straight to your inner-belt. The neoprene padding is comfortable and will not slide around on your body as you chase down a suspect.

Through the Duty-Grip® Padded Belt, we added our CORBA® 1.75″ Rigger Belt. This belt is strong and rigid, making it the perfect belt for attaching a holster or other equipment.

On the belt, we’ve attached our Duty Double Pistol TACO® with Rifle. We are proud to say that this product received an NTOA Silver Rating for 2022. We know what you are thinking “that’s a lot of pistol mags for one set up.” Our mag pouches are so versatile that we recommend making use of that extra space by inserting  OC Spray, Multitool or a flashlight.

For the holster, we selected the Comp-Tac® CT3™ Holster with Level III Retention. This holster is a must have for Law Enforcement. With three levels of retention, the CT3™ keeps your weapon safe in the event that your situation intensifies.

Check out Comp-Tac® Holsters, a High Speed Gear company, for top quality-aircraft grade Kydex® Holsters and accessories!


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