L3Harris CORVUS®: The next generation of electronic warfare capability

L3Harris CORVUS®: The next generation of electronic warfare capability

An evolving age of warfare requires an agile approach
The increasingly congested and contested electromagnetic spectrum is seeing new threats emerging all of the time as adversaries continue to harness and repurpose easily accessible commercial-off-the-shelf solutions to harm and deter personnel. This rapid pace of change requires an equally rapid response from innovative solutions that are purpose-built to keep commanders one step ahead of the threat.

What’s more, as the line between electronic warfare (EW) and cyber-based threats continues to become blurred, modern land EW solutions need to be ready for this evolving character of warfare by design.

The answer lies in procuring agile, next-generation EW technology that is ready to adapt in the face of the unexpected.
CORVUS® is our scalable, agile and extensible next-generation EW architecture that enables the development and deployment of cyber electromagnetic activities (CEMA) applications at scale and at pace. Built using an open standards based approach, CORVUS supports multi-role, multi-function and multi-platform EW capability, from situational awareness to electronic surveillance, and more. Able to switch between these roles at the touch of a button, CORVUS readily adapts to the evolving threat environment at the speed of relevance.
Offering significant through-life savings, low size, weight and power (SWaP) and no vendor lock-in, CORVUS is not limited to only solving current conflicts, but is ready to evolve alongside future technologies and emerging threats.

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