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Are you looking for a Nighthawk Custom or Korth Revolver, but don’t want to wait? Well, we can help find your dream gun using our Dealer Vault Database! We can search our dealers across the United States to try and find the pistol or revolver that you are searching for. That could put you just a phone call away from the gun of your dreams.

Looking for a President 9mm with an optic cut? A Double Stack? A Korth NXR .44 Magnum? Or a 10mm? No matter what you are looking for, we can try to locate one for you at one of our dealers.

1.   Give us a call – 877-268-4867
2.   Tell us what you are interested in
3.   We will search our Dealer Vault Database
4.   Try to locate the model you are looking for
5.   Put you in contact with a dealer if they have it in stock
6.   You purchase it and get it shipped to your local dealer
Give us a call so that we can get you in contact with a dealer who has the model you are looking for. Let us try and help you find your dream gun today!

If the pistol or revolver isn’t available, just remember ordering it today is going to make it closer to being ready then deciding to order in 6 months. Place your custom order with one of our Nighthawk Custom Preferred Dealers. 
Thank you all for your support.

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Transform Your Production 1911:

The Nighthawk Custom Drop-In 1911 Trigger

The Nighthawk Custom 1911 Drop-In Trigger System (DTS) has forever changed the landscape of the 1911 pistol. For the first time ever, you can transform your production 1911/2011 trigger to a 3.75-4 lb trigger in the form of a Drop-In part. Anyone with 1911 takedown skills, can install this in their production 1911 at home in minutes.
*In response to questions we have received from our customers, this Drop-In Trigger System is not used in our custom 1911 handguns. The DTS unit is meant to be utilized as an upgrade to production 1911s.


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