Where Are You Going When Your Time Comes ?

I hope you’ve all had a productive week and surviving these trying times. Regular readers know I like the Sugar Free Klondike Bars, but as much as I enjoy them, I’m hesitant to pay nearly six bucks for a sixpack; making matters worse gas is now pushing five bucks a gallon. You’re undoubtedly feeling the same impacts unless you’re an elected official in which case you’ve been on the dole for a while. So, it may be a good time to have a shoot the shit, but before we get that started let me bend your ear about the upcoming election.

If you’re in Texas, Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee you’ve undoubtedly seen an increase in the number of California, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut plates, these are people fleeing high taxes, high cost of living, high crime and looking for a better life. If you have a chance to meet and speak with them you’ll be bewildered to find out that they will continue to vote the same way . A reader experiencing what I’ve just described sent me this TikTok video; it’s hilarious but reinforces what Albert Einstein  said years ago: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Keep in mind that the states I’ve identified also have the highest per capita psychologists in the country.

Readers new to the site may not be familiar with a shoot the shit so I’ll explain. A shoot the shit is a social interaction during which any topic can be discussed. The participants don’t need to know anything about the subject, are free to make any unsupported comment, use uncensored profanity, insult anyone they wish or change the subject. Regularly scheduled shoot the shits offer greater efficacy than paying a jackass who majored in psychology so they could understand themselves $150+ per hour. So, let’s get started, for this shoot the shit I’ll present the very delicate topic of female sexuality and gratification.

Over the years, women have been treated like chattel, much of which came from the Roman Catholic Church who’s early period philosophy suggested that women experiencing sexual gratification were committing mortal sin and destined to spend all eternity in hell; leading to chastity belts and other abuses. However, if she confessed her sins, upon passing she would make it to Purgatory where she would spend thousands of years being purified and could then enter Heaven. Her duration in Purgatory could be shortened by offering indulgences, which in some cases included gifting property and/or services to the clergy.

chastity belt

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For centuries, women could not and would not express their needs and desires without being looked upon with askance. Even during the hippie periods when it was virtually impossible to take a walk in Golden Gate Park without stepping on someone having sex, there was no openness, and existed an irrational suppression of female sexuality. It wasn’t until Playboy Magazine and Penthouse that a women’s secrets were exposed; leading to female sexuality psychology with interesting theories and suggestion to help women reach gratification.

In an interesting article authored by Bella Dally-Steele / I Can Masturbate, No Hands: On Innovative Masturbation and the Power of Friendship, the author points to research conducted in 1976 and published in the Hite Report suggesting that at least 3 percent of the women interviewed for the study reported masturbating by pressing their legs together. This is consistent with some of Playboys’ pieces suggesting that women sitting with their legs crossed while swinging the lower leg were achieving gratification, be it at a business meeting or in a casual setting.

In her article the author also introduces Maddy, a friend, commenting on her means of achieving gratification…

“Maddy rewrote the definition of “orgasm,” too. She could climax within 20 seconds of clenching her legs together while laying on her stomach or sitting with her legs crossed (a skill I deeply envy) “

Until recently these types of discussions could not be had openly. I went the better part of my life thinking that women tightly crossing their legs was lady like and a sign of proper upbringing, little did I know.

The following video was produced by sexologist Dr. Lindsey Doe and presents some interesting material, in a non-clinical manner.

I hope you’ve found this shoot the shit informative and enjoyable. Have a great weekend and schedule your own shoot the shit. Remember that November 8 is election day so vote and get a friend to vote.


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