Results from the USASOC International Sniper Competition, Fort Bragg.

This year’s competition ran March 21-25 and featured teams from across the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Secret Service and the Coast Guard, as well as international participants from Ireland, Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland.

The complete list of team rankings is here:

1. U.S. Army Special Operations Command

2. France

3. 20th Special Forces Group

4. U.S. Marine Corps Marine Advanced Sniper Course

5. Germany

6. 1st Special Warfare Training Group

7. 7th Special Forces Group

8. Switzerland

9. 10th Special Forces Group

10. 1st Special Forces Group

11. 75th Ranger Regiment

12. 3rd Special Forces Group

13. Coast Guard

14. The Netherlands

15. 19th Special Forces Group

16. Naval Special Warfare Seal Team 1

17. NSW Advanced Training Command

18. USMC 3rd Raider Unit

19. U.S. Secret Service

20. Italy

Read the complete Army Times story.

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