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Are you ready to improve your dynamic shooting?

The Mantis BlackbeardX combines the two most powerful training platforms available – the MantisX and the Mantis Blackbeard. 

It includes motion-based analysis of your efficiency in a high-speed, multi-target engagement. It tracks your transitions, time delays, and consistencies.  This new capability unlocks more training, more drills, and will fine tune your dynamic shooting in a way no one thought possible.

BlackbeardX unlocks 10 new dynamic drills.  Each drill gives you a score (0-100) based on a combination of three factors:  on target delay, over travel, and transition path.

On-target Delay Score

On-target delay score

Most shooters delay on target for longer than they need to. This metric tells you exactly how long you delay – and how much faster you could go with the same level of accuracy.



Multi-target transitions are often accompanied by moving the gun past or through a target before coming back to take the shot. BlackbeardX quantifies the egregiousness of the over-travel movement.

Transition Path

Transition path

The most efficient path between two targets? A straight line. Deviate from that path, and your score decreases. The more efficient the path, the more effective the shooting.

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