Boker Group Seeks Investors for Further Growth


Boker Group Seeks Investors for Further Growth

Solingen, Germany (November 2022)

In 1869 Boker Treebrand began manufacturing high-quality knives at its own site in

Solingen, Germany. Since then, the Boker group has succeeded in building an internationally recognized brand and built an extensive trading business around the world.

Based on its brand promise of “tradition, passion and handmade,” the Boker Group has enjoyed successful growth over the past 15 years. It is the strong belief of the managing partners that there is still enormous potential for growth in the product portfolio, the sales channels and in new international markets.

In order to realize this potential, the Boker group requires additional resources and

additional liquidity, manpower and expertise. Boker is excited to embark on its next chapter of growth by launching an individualized investor process, led by the Boker Group

management team.

“We expect the results of this process to enable us to leverage our existing potential much

more quickly and therefore take the Boker Group to the next level,” says

Carsten Felix-Dalichow, Managing Partner.


Andrea Felix-Dalichow

Böker Shaving Brand | Straight Razor & Knife - Barbaware Men's Grooming

About Boker

The Boker Group has its headquarters in Solingen (Germany), and two subsidiaries in Denver (USA)

and Buenos Aires (Argentina). In Germany and Argentina, Boker manufactures high quality knives for outdoor, collection, shaving and kitchen in the company‘s own facilities. In addition, qualified manufacturers produce designs developed exclusively by Boker and the group distributes selected traded goods. More than 130 employees generate an annual sales volume of 40 million Euros.

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