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In less than 20 minutes MantisX is designed to help you become a better marksman.

While attached to ANY firearm (pistol, rifle, or shotgun), it analyzes every shot and generates actionable data you can use to improve.


here's how it works

attaching the device

Connect To Your Phone

Install the smartphone application, turn on MantisX, and pair the device with a phone via Bluetooth. Available for both Android and iOS.

receive app guided feedback

Attach the Device

Connect MantisX to the accessory rail of any firearm. No accessory rail? Don’t worry, we also have rail adapters so you can use MantisX with any of your firearms.

connect to your phone

Receive App-Guided Feedback

Collect data with every shot. Evaluate shooting performance, identify areas of improvement, and track progress over time.

Image of Mantis X10 Elite - Shooting Performance System

Mantis X10 Elite – Shooting Performance System


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Image of Mantis X3 - Shooting Performance System

Mantis X3 – Shooting Performance System


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improve your shooting with MantisX

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