LBM’S First Annual Holiday Guide

Sharing a few of OUR FAVORITES with you!

‘Tis the season to make a list and check it twice. Do you have all the products you need for your upcoming articles? Have a gap in your holiday recommendations blog? We’ve got you covered here at LBM!

Below you will find a list of our client’s most recent products or holiday specials. Interested in reviewing an item or need more info or pictures on a product below? Reach out to us at for all your needs.

Here are a few of our favorites you don’t want to miss.

Adept Armor Colossus Plate

The Colossus is a future-proofed armor plate built strong enough to counter today’s most modern AP threats. Built to handle the rigors of war against peer adversaries, it offers protective capabilities far beyond the run-of-the-mill Level IV or RF3 plate, yet weighs just over six pounds.


Alien Gear Holsters’ Rapid Force LVL2 Slim Holster + Locking Belt Slide

Rapid Force stands for the toughest holsters on the market with an equally fast draw. Pair Alien Gear Holsters’ slimmest Rapid Force holster with a secure Locking Belt Slide for a discounted Holiday Price



The ThOR LT, ATN’s versatile and easy-to-use thermal scope, is perfect for beginners. Lightweight, ergonomic, and cost effective. The ThOR LT is everything you need for a great start. Also available in three Mossy Oak patterns!


Big Horn Armory AR500

The AR500 is an AR Rifle like no other. Chambered in 500 Auto Max, BHA’s groundbreaking AR500 is the most powerful AR firearm available. The bold design and big bore cartridge put an unparalleled amount of power into a pleasant shooting, rapid-firing, versatile rifle.


Cimarron Firearms One Ranger 1911

The 1911 was the standard issue side arm for the U.S. Armed Forces from 1911 – 1985. The Cimarron 1911 One Ranger comes in .45ACP with a 4.25″ barrel and checkered walnut grips. “One riot one ranger,” a quote attributed to the legendary Texas Rangers, is engraved on the barrel. Cimarron donates a portion of the sales of this firearm to The Former Texas Rangers Foundation to help build the Texas Rangers Heritage Center.


Hydra Weaponry MARCK-15 HYDRA

The HYDRA MARCK-15 HYDRA is the most advanced modular AR-15 on the planet. This weapon system can adapt to multiple calibers without the use of any tools in just under two minutes per caliber. One weapon – multiple calibers.


SENTRY Hexmag Carbon Fiber SR25/AR-10 Magazine

The SENTRY Hexmag SR25 carbon fiber magazine is ideal for any sport, competitor, or tactical shooter demanding superior strength, proven reliability, and exceptional value. The Carbon Senthex Advanced Carbon Fiber polymer reduces weight by 20% while delivering superior strength and rigidity. The HEXTURE design goes beyond great style; it also provides a natural gripping surface.


Spartan Armor System Hercules Level IV Ceramic Body Armor

The Hercules level IV body armor plate utilizes ballistic ceramic and UHMWPE materials. It has been tested and verified by an NIJ Certified laboratory. Each Hercules level IV body armor plate is rated to stop armor-piercing rifle rounds up to .30-06 M2 AP.


Tasmanian Tiger Mission Pack MKII

A proven 37-litre combat backpack, the TT Mission Pack MKII features a padded back carrying system, a hip belt with zipped pockets, and a durable, reinforced handle. The main packsack is equipped with an emergency carrying handle and is hydration system compatible. The backpack also has an integrated rain cover inside the bottom compartment and a laser-cut MOLLE system on both the sides and front pocket, as well as MOLLE hook and loop on the inside for limitless modularity.


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