Our 2022 Holiday Shopping Suggestions

Every year we take great pleasure in presenting Holiday Season shopping suggestions and for 2022 these are our picks

Streamlight TLR-7 SUB

One of the challenges faced by compact and micro-compact pistol owners is accessorizing their platforms with a weapon mounted light. In 2022, Streamlight took that challenge head-on with their introduction of the TLR-7 SUB. The light was specifically designed to fit your compact pistol. The company went a step further by customizing the TLR-7 SUB’s mounting options to fit specific platforms.

Michael Janich’s YoJumbo

Spyderco, a Colorado based company, has been making quality tools, folding pocketknives and fixed blade knives for years. The company is recognized worldwide for the quality of their product, grips, design and blade steel are excellent. Spyderco has also been supporting our military men and women for years. The company’s YoJumbo Sprint Run, a Michael Janich creation is but one example of the company’s commitment to innovation and quality. The YoJumbo has my highest recommendation for your Holiday gift giving.

Amazon.com : HOLOSUN HE407K-GR X2 Green Dot Reflex Sight (Shake Awake) :  Sports & Outdoors


Holosun is a Southern California company that’s been producing outstanding red dot sights. The company pioneered solar powered sights extending battery life; in 2022 they introduced the HE407K-GR X2. The HE407K targets the ubiquitous compact and micro-compact platforms equipped for red dot sights.  The HE407K-GR X2 is an open reflex optical sight designed for concealed carry pistols featuring a 6 MOA green dot, shake awake technology and over 50,000 hours of battery run time. An excellent choice for your CCW platform.


HOLOSUN’S A.E.M.S. Red Dot SIght

Another excellent choice from Holosun is the A.E.M.S. red dot sight. There’s no shortage of red dot sights on the market but few deliver the level of performance organic to HOLOSUN’S A.E.M.S. sight; Holosun Technologies has been doing impressive work in this space, and everything about this sight is outstanding, mounting, a solar option to improve battery life, choice of reticles, the automatic light sensing feature, optical clarity, sleep mode and its overall construction merit a five-star rating. The ideal companion for your AR-15, SBR or pistol brace platform. Highly recommended.

Throughout the Holiday Shopping Season, I’ll be providing suggestions that will bring a smile to that special someone. In future posts, I’ll bring you suggestions to include magnified optics, thermal weapon sights, and more, so stay tuned.



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