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Eggler Institute of Technology Courses

The Eggler Institute of Technology (EIT) specializes in onsite, on-demand and hybrid technical workforce education and training solutions. EIT has extensive expertise across a range of subjects and is relied upon by governments, OEMs and companies across the world to upskill staff in the technical disciplines of military vehicle technology, systems engineering, MBSE and capability systems design. Our technical courses are underpinned by a unique learning method, backed by research, to ensure staff acquire skills effectively and efficiently.  We also offer competency confirmation services to ensure skills are retained and deployed after our courses. We are also proud to offer the only Certificate of Military Vehicle Technology in the world.

May – December




Configuration & Data Management Certification (CDM) Course and Examination 

The in-person Configuration and Data Management (CDM) Prep Course is an intensive two-day certification preparation course designed to prepare individuals for the CDM certification exam. The primary thrust of the prep course is to provide insight into CDM functions and related processes. This course includes and emphasizes industry and international standards, and applicable military standards which are itemized in the study guide.

The examination is conducted on the third day of the CDM event after the two-day preparation course is complete. Questions are in essay and objective formats. The examination questions comes from an examination database, which contains objective questions, true-false questions, and mix & match questions.  Essay type questions are on the examination to provide the tester an opportunity to respond with their experience to the questions subject matter. Essay type questions are based on prevalent industry, international, and government standards. The examination is administered in four parts, each with a defined subject matter.

December 12 – 14
Arlington, VA


National Defense Industrial Association
2101 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22201

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