5 PGM gift ideas for Christmas!

5 PGM gift ideas for Christmas!

Christmas is coming soon, and that’s why PGM Précision offers you 5 gift ideas!

PGM accessories

1. The PGM scope mounts

Our scope mounts are adaptable to any weapon equipped with a picatinny rail (longer than 10 cm) and to any size of rifle scope. Available in 30 MOA and 0°, PGM scope mounts are made of 7075 aircraft alloy and resist up to 50 caliber!

Like the quality that is specific to PGM Precision, these scope mounts are made in France and are renowned for their reliability, their robustness, but also their simplicity of use.


2. The PGM bipods

Practical, robust and ergonomic, our PGM bipods have been manufactured for our weapons and then developed to be adaptable to any weapon equipped with a picatinny or UIT rail.

Made mainly of 7075 aircraft alloy, these bipods are light and very strong.

The legs can be folded forward or backward to fit perfectly on the weapon.

The PGM bipods have an easily adjustable tilting brake.


3. The PGM rear monopod

Manufactured by PGM and initially designed for our guns, our monopod can now be adapted to any other commercial gun equipped with a picatinny rail (up to 50 calibre).

Folding, telescopic, micrometrically adjustable, it adapts to any position and situation in order to provide the user maximum shooting comfort..

It is essentially made of 7075 aircraft alloy for more lightness.


PGM goodies

4. The PGM special edition of the book “Armes de précision du monde”

Published by ACTIONMEN by Philippe Poulet, this 352 pages book presents more than 600 weapons! Discover in this special edition, in honour of the 30th anniversary of the Ultima Ratio, 32 pages on the creation of PGM, the Ultima Ratio and the Hecate II. 

This high quality book is the perfect gift for weapons enthusiasts and PGM lovers!


5. The PGM Precision mug

You don’t have to be a morning person to enjoy a big cup of coffee or tea in the PGM Sniper Team enamel mug.

In the middle of nowhere, at the shooting range, at home or in the office, this accessory will quickly become an everyday essential!


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