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Four Bulletproof Vests for Women

Bulletproof vests are life-saving pieces of equipment that can provide ballistic protection. They can be worn by everyone from civilians to law enforcement and even the military since they are available in different sizes, shapes, and materials. This is true, especially for women.

Some would say that a lot of bulletproof vest options are made for men. There are also tons of great options out there for women to have ballistic protection.

In this article, we will discuss 4 different bulletproof vest options for women, and why you should consider wearing them.

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Range Bags and What We Should Have in Them

We’ve all had it happen. You show up to the range with your cool new gun that barely hit the market this week, and as you lay out all your gear to begin shooting and showing your buddies your new toy, you realize you forgot to bring magazines for it.

There is so much mission-specific equipment we need for each range. Let’s simplify our range day by having a range bag that covers all of our generic needs. This way we can focus on the mission-specific equipment and not forget our specific magazines or ammunition for the day’s range.

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