This is the Last Case Foam You’ll Ever Need – DAKA GRID by Magpul

Magpul DAKA GRID Organizer in Pelican Vault V730 with Blocks organized to hold AR, mags, and ammo boxes

Magpul SHOT Show 2023

DAKA GRID Organizer

Shot Show 2023 is upon us, and so are the latest Magpul innovations. First up, it’s time to change the way you secure and transport your guns and gear with the DAKA GRID Organizer. The GRID is a reusable system designed to quickly and easily adapt to whatever you’re carrying. Say goodbye to your old, messy foam with the DAKA GRID and you’ll get a lightweight, modular organizational solution that offers better impact protection and resists liquids and chemicals. With versions designed for two of Pelican’s most popular hard gun cases, you’re never going to look back once you drop the GRID into your case.


DAKA Hard Case

Complementing the GRID Organizer in a quest to build a better rifle case, the DAKA Hard Case was developed to answer the many shortcomings of internal and external storage options. The Hard Case will come in three sizes, providing a premium storage solution that’s optimized for you and your gear. Streamlined, stronger, easy to maneuver, and full of usable protective space, they include advanced features such as easy-to-operate latches, recessed lock housings, ergonomic handles, and dependable wheels, all in a package that provides greater protection for important gear.


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