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Korah’s 8-Shot NXS Revolver

The Korte NXS, where German engineering meets high capacity. The modern looks of the NXS feature a ventilated barrel shroud for faster cooling and remarkable aesthetics. The frame also features a Picatinny rail for the option of a mounted scope or red dot, making it more versatile. This revolver also brings an 8-shot cylinder to the table for the first time in Korah’s prestigious history. The cylinder of the NXS includes a cut to accommodate moon clips for unmatched reloading speeds.

The NXS is offered with either a 4″ or 6″ barrel. The hammer-forged precision barrel is housed with integrated Picatinny rails on top and bottom. Since 1954, Korte has built a reputation of building the world’s finest revolvers and as soon as you pick one up, you will understand. The NXS is finished in a DLC finish, which makes this revolver as durable as it is beautiful, and pairs with a set of Turkish walnut grips. This model has an adjustable rear sight and 14k gold bead front sight. The NXS also an optional 8 shot interchangeable 9mm cylinder available as an upgrade.
In the video below, Sean Utley gets his hands on an NXS and puts it to work. It is always great to see someone that usually isn’t a revolver person, experience and fall in love with a Korte revolver.

For more information on the Korte NXS model, or any of the other Korte revolvers, check out our website at, or call us directly at 877-268-4867.

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