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February 3, 2023:

Dear Valued Cooper Customers,

I know that there are questions following the announcement of Nighthawk Custom’s acquisition of Cooper Firearms of Montana. I hope this will clarify the current state of Cooper.
The backstory:
Nighthawk Custom was contacted by Cooper the week before Thanksgiving to see if we were interested in purchasing Cooper Firearms of Montana. This acquisition happened very quickly. It was not a scenario that had been in the works for a long period of time.
By the first week of December, a fact-finding team from Nighthawk Custom went to Montana to research the opportunity. After analysis and discussion, an asset purchase deal was made. By December 9th, a second group from Nighthawk Custom traveled to Montana to inventory, load six semi-trucks, and move everything to Arkansas.
This asset purchase includes the Cooper name, the intellectual properties/drawings, tools, and all inventory. We did not purchase any of their CNC machines; however, we have ordered new machines and are currently waiting on them to be delivered. To summarize, we are completely rebuilding Cooper Rifles from the ground up in Arkansas and plan to be operational in late 2023.
In the meantime, we are working on hiring some of the existing Cooper staff that will move to Arkansas and begin rebuilding Cooper, as Cooper Rifles of Arkansas. I know a lot of you have questions about existing orders, warranties, and other things. I ask for your patience and hope you can understand that this happened quickly and is a process. We want to make sure that this is completely planned out, so that we can take the best care of you all going forward.

Thank you again for your patience as we work through building this company and continuing the Cooper legacy for generations to come.
Mark Stone
Owner & CEO of Nighthawk Custom

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