Strikeman is Under New Ownership! A Message From Our New CEO

To our loyal customers:

As a long-time firearms enthusiast and advocate for the 2nd amendment, I am excited to introduce myself as the new owner and CEO of Strikeman.  As spring approaches, I want to take a moment to share my vision for Strikeman and ask for your feedback about what areas we need to improve.

Strikeman is a story of incredible growth. In just a few short years our brand has become synonymous with “dry fire training” by serving hundreds of thousands of customers.  Our products are sold around the world by leading retailers and our advertisements can be seen on the world’s biggest TV networks.  This rapid growth has come with inevitable growing pains – inventory shortages, occasional quality control issues, and times when we failed to live up to our standards with customer support.  Further, as a small but growing company, we didn’t always have the capital required to heavily invest in new, cutting-edge products.

That changes today under our new ownership.  I believe access to firearms is a fundamental right and that helping people train and become more competent with firearms is a worthy goal.  We acquired Strikeman because we saw the potential to become the world’s leading firearms training company, and we have put the resources in place to support pursuit of that mission.  We will improve your experience with us by massively increasing our production ability, investing in expert American support for the first time, and bringing in engineering resources to take our R&D to the next level.  We believe great products are the bedrock of great companies, and in the coming months you will begin to see Strikeman’s products increase in quality as we chase our ideal vision of what they can be.  We have been hard at work behind the scenes improving quality in all areas. I am excited to see the response to our pending major app updates which fix numerous bugs and improve the user’s experience.

There are so many ways that a company with a platform as large as Strikeman’s can help people train and learn more about firearms. It excites me to think about what that looks like now that we can better execute our mission.  Whether you are an experienced gun owner practicing for IPSC competitions or someone who recently purchased your first firearm and is just starting to learn, we want Strikeman to be your go-to company.  With your help and support, I could not be more excited to lead Strikeman towards that future.

Jonathan Dandrow



Strikeman USA INC 222 E 14th Street Cincinnati, OH 45202

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