FALCO® Holsters Partnership with Legally Armed America Yields New Holster


Ft. Lauderdale, FL – March 30, 2023 – FALCO® Holsters, globally recognized for exceptional artisanship in every handcrafted, purpose-built leather holster, announces a new influencer partnership with Legally Armed America’s Paul Glasco. The relationship has yielded an entirely new gun holster with insight from Glasco. The FALCO A907 is a new Compact Hybrid IWB holster crafted from Kydex and premium Italian leather. To celebrate the partnership, FALCO Holsters, and Legally Armed America will give away a Sig Sauer P365 X Macro in 9mm with the new FALCO Holsters A907.

“When Paul visited our booth during SHOT Show, he suggested a completely new way of combining our premium Italian leather with Kydex for an ultra-comfortable and practical hybrid holster design,” said FALCO Holsters Vice President of Sales and Marketing Katarína Zacharová. “Our current hybrid holsters are one of our best-selling categories, keeping pace with our premium leather line, so we knew his idea was fantastic. We immediately began R&D on the new A907 holster with Paul’s input. Recognizing the reach and loyalty of his audience as a celebrity, we also executed an influencer partnership,” she added.

“At FALCO Holsters, we strongly believe that ongoing education and raising awareness with both industry insiders and gun owners is essential to protecting the Second Amendment,“ said Zacharová. “Paul, as a strong advocate for the 2A, does just that, and his lifestyle embodies the culture of everyday carry in the U.S. Our partnership with him will benefit our customers with product innovations and important education.”

FALCO Holsters and Legally Armed America Partnership

“Collaborating with FALCO Holsters has been awesome from day one,” stated Paul Glasco, President of Legally Armed America. “There is no other holster company quite like them because while their competitors focus on making holsters to fit firearms, FALCO creates holsters specifically for folks who carry guns all the time. They really pay attention to making EDC comfortable, efficient, and safe for people as individuals. And only two short months after we began talking about a hybrid leather/Kydex holster design, we have an innovative design already available to the public. I’m proud to align myself with this Slovakian company,” he added.

A907 Compact Hybrid OWB Holster

According to Glasco, the A907 Compact Hybrid IWB Holster has three features that make it practical for everyday carry. “One, the leather backing is especially nice. I live in Louisiana, where it’s super hot and humid. The leather is much more forgiving and comfortable against your skin than Kydex, especially in warm weather. Two, the positive retention of the Kydex itself offers the added assurance of safe, repeatable reholstering. And three, folks will love the ease of removing this holster from their belt when they change clothes or need to use the restroom. The synthetic belt clip is extra-wide and withstands hot climates better than metal. One-handed holster removal solves so many safety issues when it comes to daily concealed carry daily. Leaving your loaded firearm holstered is always the safer option when changing your clothes,” he added.

Combining the comfort of the finest Italian full-grain premium leather with Kydex’s positive retention and durability, the inside-the-waistband A907 is ideal for everyday concealed carry. The hybrid holster features a wide polymer belt clip with an integrated lip for simple one-handed holster removal. An extra layer reinforces the sweat guard and adds comfort and stability. “Adding the FALCO Holster Claw is another way for people to achieve even better concealment,” Zacharová said. 

· Designed in collaboration with Legally Armed America

  • · IWB hybrid holster
  • · Premium leather backer
  • · U.S. Kydex precisely molded to a specific gun for exact fit
  • · Optics ready and available with cuts for RDS compatibility
  • · Full grain premium leather is hand cut, stitched, lacquered, and finished by leather artisans
  • · Extra-wide synthetic belt clip with integrated lip for one-handed holster removal from belt
  • · Available in 1.5” and 1.75”
  • · Available for more than 2,000 pistols and 900 revolvers
  • · Sweat guard reinforced with a second layer of leather for comfort
  • · Also available without extended sweat guard
  • · Open bottom prevents dirt accumulation
  • · Extensive customization options with stitching, finished edge colors, and embossing
  • · Recommended: Add a FALCO Holster Claw for zero printing
  • · Lifetime limited warranty and 30-day buyback guarantee
  • · MSRP: $95.95

FALCO Holsters & Legally Armed America Gun/Holster Giveaway

“To celebrate our partnership, we are announcing a handgun and holster giveaway,” said Zacharova. The package features a Sig Sauer P365 X Macro in 9mm with the FALCO Holsters A907 and the FALCO Holster Claw, plus a Legally Armed America backpack. The lucky winner will choose the holster’s leather color, stitching, and edge finish.” The giveaway is valued at more than $925.

The FALCO Holsters and Legally Armed American Gun/Holster Giveaway begins on April 1, 2023, and ends on July 4, 2023. The winner will be announced on July 5, 2023. The contest allows 12 entries by visiting FALCO Holsters and Legally Armed America websites and social media platforms in the contest link. Click here to enter.

To learn more about becoming a trusted FALCO Holsters retailer, contact Vice President of Sales and Marketing Katarína Zacharová at katarina@falcoholsters.com.

For more information about FALCO Holsters, visit FALCOHolsters.com.

About Legally Armed America

Legally Armed America features multiple media platforms hosted by Paul Glasco. The “Legally Armed America” television show airs on FOX29 regionally in Texas and Louisiana and covers Second Amendment advocacy, responsible gun use, and in-depth product reviews. The High Capacity Podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, where Paul discusses guns, legislation, and firearms news. The Legally Armed America YouTube channel is committed to promoting and protecting the Second Amendment and gun rights. Paul Glasco is the Louisiana State Director of Affairs for Gun Owners of America and the author of “How to Make a Monster and Why No One Cares.”

FALCO Holsters

About FALCO® Holsters, The Gun Holsters Company

FALCO Holsters delivers a unique combination of modern techniques and old-world, traditional craftsmanship to our portfolio of custom handgun holsters. Since 1989, the FALCO brand has grown from a small garage in rural Slovakia making leather falconry gloves to a state-of-the-art workshop producing an extensive variety of holsters we supply to individuals, police forces, and military units worldwide. Using only the highest quality European and U.S. materials available, FALCO Holsters thrives while proudly maintaining a personal approach. All products are handmade in Slovakia, in the heart of the beautiful Stiavnica Mountains, rich with history, and appreciated as a World Heritage Site (UNESCO). We are proud of the precision of our skilled artisans and our ability to design and manufacture products according to any customer’s exacting needs and requirements. Our commitment to customer service and premium quality extends through our endless customization options, the FALCO Holster’s limited lifetime warranty, and fast, international FedEx shipping.

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