SOF Week 2024 exhibit spaces

A letter from Stu Bradin regarding SOF Week 2024 exhibit space

May 18, 2023

Although we’re still closing out SOF Week 2023, we are already starting to plan for SOF Week 2024. Many people have asked to book exhibit space for 2024, but I want to explain why we are not able to start those sales immediately and share our way ahead.
As you know, this was GSOF’s first year executing SOF Week. Additionally, we did so on a truncated timeline, and due to that, a lot of the concepts we outlined in our proposal were not implemented to their full extent. We intend to improve and expand for 2024.
GSOF and USSOCOM will use the next 45 – 60 days to conduct a thorough review of this year’s event in order to assess what went well and what needs improvement. There are also three big changes in 2024: (1) the Tampa Convention Center will open 40,000 square feet of additional meeting space; (2) we have the ability to reserve more meeting space in the JW Marriott; and (3) the 2024 conference will be an “international” year in which USSOCOM invites partner nations to attend. We want to ensure that we take all of this into consideration before selling exhibit space or sponsorships for next year.
We anticipate having the final approvals for the format and layout of SOF Week 2024 by the end of July, and we think we will be able to open sales to GSOF Corporate Partners by the end of August. Sales to non-GSOF Corporate Partners will open in September, but we do not yet know the process by which exhibitors and sponsors will be selected. This is part of the review process underway right now. In keeping with the GSOF mission statement, GSOF is committed to ensuring exhibitors are representative of companies supporting USSOCOM’s Title X responsibility, “to develop, acquire, field, and sustain technology in support of USSOCOM mission objectives”.
The reality is that the SOF Week Campus is not large enough to accommodate every company that wishes to exhibit. GSOF will do its best to ensure the exhibition is robust, engaging, and impactful. Moreover, we aim to deliver high-quality content that meets the USSOCOM Commander’s objectives for the conference.
GSOF will hold virtual focus groups to gather feedback on SOF Week 2023 at the end of May. We’d love to hear from you.

Please stay tuned to for more information. In the meantime, save the date: May 6-9, 2024!


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