Customize Your Armed Vehicle Today!

Customize Your Armed Vehicle Today!
Exploring Innovations in Advanced Vehicle Surveillance and Control

In recent months, TAR IDEAL has been at the forefront of delivering, tailor-made armored vehicles that surpass all expectations. We understand the unique needs of our customers, and our mission is to provide you with nothing short of excellence.
We have been diligently working to meet the operational requirements and demands of our valued clients. Our vehicles provide exceptional features and capabilities that are specifically designed to meet your needs. TAR IDEAL deliver customized solutions that set the standard in armored vehicle technology.

Introducing the Riot Control Vehicle

Riot control equipment integration
Gas grenade launcher for dispersing riot agents on the rooftop

Customize Your Armed Vehicle Today!

Enhanced EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Vehicle

Adaptation for robot integration
Operator workstation
Dedicated space for EOD operator equipment
Jammer placement

APC (Armored Personnel Carrier)

Designed for troop deployment and transportation.

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