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If you’d like to wear a lightweight, stable and athletically engineered boot you need to try the MAGNUM OPUS MID boot.  You’ll love this boot! Read my review for the finer details…

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U.S. Army Would Like Its Members To Participate In A Survey

Operating in tropical regions means that you will come in contact with every species of fungus, parasite and bacteria imaginable. If you think you’ve had a case of athlete’s foot and/or jockitch in gym class wait until you start operating … Continue reading

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U.S. Army Is Looking At New Jungle Boots

Matthew Cox wrote a great piece for, 2 April 2014, “Army Starts Testing New Jungle Boots for Pacific” Confronted with over 12 years of combat in arid regions, jungle boots have remained unchanged since the Vietnam conflict ended.  I … Continue reading

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Rust-Oleum NeverWet

Rust-Oleum Never Wet is a non conductive hydrophobic (repels water) coating containing nano particles that bind with the material being coated forming a moisture barrier. The coating can be applied to metal, wood, fabric, leather, and cardboard. It can even … Continue reading

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SealSkinz Review In The Making

A review from the abyss; I’m glad I’m finally sitting down to write it. I’ll make myself clearer later in the article; however, rest assured that SealSkinz developer, Danalco, is not the reason for the attribute. I’ll explain. While at … Continue reading

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Merrell’s Awesome Barefoot Tough Glove

North Georgians are blessed in that we have an abundance of trails suitable for running and hiking; they range from smooth and flat to rocky and hilly. Not too far from the “bat cave” I have access to about 18 … Continue reading

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ALTAMA® Waterproof Ortho-TacX® Boot

ALTAMA Waterproof Waterproof Ortho-TacX® Boot Footwear, more than any other piece of equipment in an operator’s kit, is critically important to mobility, survivability and safety. So, I like to keep an eye out for boots and socks designed by attentive … Continue reading

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