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Exelis Individual Soldier System (ISS)

Let me open by thanking Tim White, Andy Dunn, Mike Meyer and Jorge Petrovic for their time and generosity in taking me through the many systems Exelis is delivering today, all of which play significant roles in Battle Space Management. … Continue reading

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RIANOV’s Latest Weapon Mounted Ballistic Computer

Long range precision shooters need to concern themselves with a number of variables that affect exterior ballistics and/or create errors between point of aim and point of impact. A number of approaches from several manufacturers offer integration of environmental sensors … Continue reading

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Patriot3 Maritime, What Every Well Attired Combat Swimmer Uses

I had a little bit of fun at P3M’s SOFIC 2014 exhibit. I was approached by one of the reps in attendance, so I started kidding with him about swimming not being a requirement any longer, and then I mentioned … Continue reading

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Warwick Mills’ TurtleSkin

It’s unlikely that you’ve heard of Warwick Mills, New Hampshire, but they are the equivalent to M.I.T. in the high performance fabric business. The technology the company has developed over the years, and its application, is impressive. Warwick Mills has a … Continue reading

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Streamlight’s New TLR-VIR For Pistols and Sidewinder

I stopped off to see my favorite lighting folks, while at SOFIC 2014, only to discover  the new TLR-VIR for pistols. This new weapon mounted light provides visible and IR illumination in a form factor that is exactly the same … Continue reading

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3M Rounds Out Its Soldier Protection Line With A Ballistic Bump Helmet.

At SOFIC 2014, I had the opportunity to peruse 3M’s expanding line of soldier protection equipment. As of this writing, 3M is providing 3M™ Peltor™ ComTac™ III Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) and 3M™ Peltor™ COMTAC™ IV Hybrid Communication Headset to … Continue reading

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SHOXs Shock Mitigation Technology

One of SOCOM’s priorities on the Maritime side of the house was shock mitigation for the passengers and crew on SOC-R boats. SHOXS had an interesting array of shock absorbing seats at SOFIC 2014. There is a considerable amount of … Continue reading

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Aurora Flight Science SKATE Small Unmanned Aircraft System

  The last 12 years of uninterrupted action in Iraq and Afghanistan has ushered in a number of technologies touted as force multipliers; however, none are as deserving of the accolade as the Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV), but in particular … Continue reading

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HK’s MP7A1 In A Modular Drop Leg System

Irrespective venue, if HK has a booth I’m in it. The big draw for me is not their line of excellent long guns but the HK MP7A1. I love their little blaster, and its pugnacious 4.6x30mm round. Knowing the German … Continue reading

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SHIELD Public Safety & Defence Shield CQS and CQB Reflex Sights.

While at SOFIC 2014, I had an opportunity to spend time with James White, Director of Manufacturing for Shield Public Safety & Defence. To quote a hackneyed cliché, you learn something new every day and so it would appear that … Continue reading

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L3’s Integrated Optical System

The folks at L3 have been busy in the skunk works department coming up with a tool that precision shooters will appreciate. The device sitting on top of the Barrett is the L3 Integrated Optical Systems. There are proprietary components … Continue reading

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General Dynamics ATP’s MK47 40mm Grenade Launcher

While at SOFIC 2014, I had the opportunity to visit with General Dynamics. If you’re unfamiliar with the company you really should remedy that because they’re an amazing outfit. They’ve done a lot of work for us in the past … Continue reading

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Surefire’s SF Ryder .22 Cal Suppressor Close-up…

Spent some time in Surefire’s exhibit for SOFIC 2014 taking a close look at the company’s latest suppressor offering. Chuck happened to have an SF Ryder installed on a Glock conversion so checking the entire setup was nice. First of, … Continue reading

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LWRC’s M6IC-PDW 5.56mm

The PDW concept was long overdue but it’s here and is now broadly accepted. The need for a compact CQB security centric weapon system is undeniable. Historically, that meant scaling down to pistol caliber SMGs. Although I have no ax … Continue reading

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ISOF Capabilities Demonstration–Highlights

  ISOF Capabilities Demonstration SOFIC 2014, 21 May 2014   This video is a compilation of photos taken during the ISOF Capabilities Demonstration, SOFIC 2014. Aside from the kinetic razzmatazz, it demonstrates the capabilities developed at great time, energy and … Continue reading

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ISOF Capabilities Demonstration At SOFIC 2014

I’m working on putting together a slide show for our readers. It will be available later in the coming week so be sure to visit the site for all of the SOFIC 2014 details and the ISOF Demonstration.

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Systems Technology Inc. Demonstrates PARASIM Virtual Reality Simulator

PARASIM is a virtual reality parachutist training simulator that is presently shaving costs for the DoD. The device uses a series of stanchions to support and elevate the trainee, to simulate a free fall or static line jump. The virtual … Continue reading

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TEXTRON Systems Light Machine Gun

Textron Systems is heavily involved with the U.S. Army’s Light Weight Small Arms Technologies or LSAT initiative. The company has developed a replacement for the M249 SAW. The new Light Machine Gun (LMG) uses linked ammunition and capable of a … Continue reading

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Beretta’s Powered Rail System

Beretta’s Powered Rail System is based on PPI’s design but has undergone considerable development. The company plans to implement the system as part of the ARX weapon system. The rail is Picatinny compliant. The electronics consists of two isolated busses … Continue reading

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Area Commanders Speak Of Their Needs At SOFIC 2014

Lt. Gen Joseph L. Votel, Commander JSOC; RDML Brian L. Losey, Commander NSWC; BG Kurt L. Sonntag, Deputy Commanding general USASOC; Lt.Gen Eric E. Fiel, Commander AFSOC and Maj Gen Mark A. Clark, Commander MARSOC addressed a packed auditorium outlining … Continue reading

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SpotterRF Announces Spotter Shield Mobile at SOFIC 2014

SpotterRF made its debut at SOFIC 2012. SpotterRF is a man packable radar system operating in the X-Band spectrum at 10Ghz. The technology is based the fairly straightforward concept of using a radar system while conducting an operation or at … Continue reading

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