DHS Posts

03 Feb 2011     Congressional Oversight – Who’s minding the store?

I’ve started working my way through the behemoth Department of Homeland Security. This is going to be an immense task. I’ve already run into a major obstacle and that is determining a clear line of Congressional Oversight.

28 Apr 2011      DHS Update

Honest to God, I still haven’t worked my way through the DHS organization; it seems every time I take a look it gets bigger. However, this growth may be coming to an end if Congress has its way with the proposed budget cuts. There are those who disagree with the proposed DHS budget; feeling that returning to a compartmentalized approach to intelligence damages transparency – a point that I feel deserves debate – ; however, we need to take a very serious look at DHS because throwing money and resources at the task of  Homeland Security does not translate into an effective and efficient solution.

14 July 2011  – BI2 Technologies from Plymouth MA To Sell Facial Recognition Technology to Local Police.

23 Aug 2011 – I’m still working through the many nook and crannies of the DHS colossus; however, I did identify the most visible DHS accomplishment in the Atlanta area…

After 7:00 PM you can’t use the MARTA (METROPOLITAN ATLANTA RAPID TRANSIT AUTHORITY)  restrooms! So, be sure to have plenty of Pee-Wee on hand.

19 July 2012 – TSA’s Score Card


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  1. tom bender says:

    Excellent. I feel safe.


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