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It’s Friday and time for our weekly shoot the shit. This week we had planned on writing a movie review of Alien: Covenant how we think Columbia University would have written it. For example when David the synthetic tries to kiss Walter the synthetic, Columbia writers would  have called the scene a homophobic plot.

Or, the scene where Karine guides Ledward back to the shuttle for medical attention, after he ingests the spores,  as he pukes blood on her. Karine and Tennessee’s wife Faris tend to Ledward, who starts violently convulsing. Faris quarantines Ledward with Karine still inside the room. Ledward coughs up more blood and then has something start to break out of his back. A small Neomorph emerges from Ledward’s back, spilling his guts out as he dies. The creature pounces on Karine and mauls her to death. However, before being mauled by the nasty Neomorph, Karin was screaming for Faris to let her out of the quarantine room. About the only thing Karine didn’t say to Faris was to call her a bitch. Faris too was screaming not knowing what the hell to do. Had she let Karine out, she would be alive today; instead, Faris runs off screaming then returns and tries to shoot at the Neomorph (after Karine was mauled in the locked quarantine room), missing every shot. Columbia writers would call the scene misogynistic and a plot by the USMC to show that women can’t perform in a CQC / CQB engagement.

Instead, we are going to share our dismay with the current cluster-hump surrounding the Russian hacks, DNC, Director Comey, POTUS.

  1. By simply hacking the DNC’s e-mail server, a task facilitated by John Podesta (see note) sharing his password, the GRU gave the Democratic Party what it needed to leverage its hack to attack the Trump campaign and its legitimacy.  Note: If we were producing a World War II movie, we would cast Mr. Podesta as a Gestapo agent. All he needs for the part is a brown shirt, lederhosen, double breasted suite and a large brim hat.

  2. Nobody, with a measureable I.Q., actually thinks the GRU could alter the 2016 U.S. election results, but Democrats have managed to keep that dream alive since Nov 2016.

  3. We also find the FBI Director, James Comey, caught between the Clinton criminal investigation and the Russian hack a no win situation for Mr. Comey. Our theory on the Comey firing is that the executive branch couldn’t see a timely conclusion to the Russian investigation.

  4. We now have a full Congressional investigation where each of the represented parties is trying to leverage Director Comey’s testimony to impugn the other. During Mr. Comey’s testimony we, no, the world!, discover that former AG Loretta Lynch asks the FBI director to downgrade the Clinton criminal investigation to a “matter.” We also find out that Mr. Comey was asked for his loyalty by POTUS, whatever the hell that means!

  5. The later, is all amplified by a media who have clearly become a pack of miscreants.

Now, if you were the GRU, how would you leverage all of this in your spheres of influence? Could we be handling this matter just a little bit better? We think so, how about you?

Have a great weekend. Be alert, stay safe and spend some quality time with your buds and family.

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Ashbury Precision Ordnance ASW 300WM

Ashbury Precision has been in the precision rifle business for a long time. Morris and his guys have built some of the finest precision rifles on the market. His Charlottesville,VA company is on the very short list of domestic GO TO purveyors  of tactical and competition rifles in virtually any caliber.

In the video below, Frank “Lowlight” Galli reviews Asbury Precision’s ASW 300WM. Frank has done more to advance precision shooting as a sport in the United States than any other blogger / media personality.

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“Rosoboronexport, a member of Rostec, is gearing up to push to the world arms market advanced individual combat systems and future small arms,” Director General Alexander Mikheev of Rosoboronexport commented on the decision reached by the Army Equipment section of the Scientific and Technical Council recently convened at the Degtyarev Plant in Kovrov, Vladimir region.

“We are facing growing demand for small arms, close combat systems, sights and ammunition in the world. In the past three years, Rosoboronexport’s backlog of these products has grown more than five times,” notes A. Mikheev. “To improve chances and competitiveness of the weapons that we deliver, Russian enterprises will develop new systems and mount an effort of upgrading existing models through the use of advanced materials and technologies.”

According to the company’s Director General, the measures will boost characteristics of weapons and push down the price tag at the same time.

The participants decided to persist in replacing foreign components, particularly optical sights, including night vision devices, with Russian equivalents that boast at least as high performance.

Also, an issue was raised of completing export formalities in the near future paving the way for Rosoboronexport to offer foreign customers a state-of-the-art individual combat system, a.k.a. the Soldier of the Future.

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Morphix Technologies® Exhibiting at International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (IABTI) International In-Service Training and Expo

See the TraceX® Explosives Detection Kit and Chameleon® Chemical Detection Armband at Booth #93, June 12-16, 2017, in Green Bay, Wisconsin, at the KI Convention Center.

Virginia Beach, Va. (June 2017) Morphix Technologies®, an innovator in the science of detection devices for explosives and dangerous chemicals, will be exhibiting at the 45th International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (IABTI) International In-Service Training and Expo, to be held June 12-16, 2017, in Green Bay, Wisconsin, at the KI Convention Center. Morphix Technologies will be displaying its TraceX® Explosives Detection Kit and its Chameleon® Chemical Detection Armband at booth #93.

“The IABTI International is a great opportunity for us to meet with bomb technicians to learn about the newest challenges. I am pleased to be presenting this year regarding the use of chemical and explosive detection devices on EOD robots,” said Kimberly Pricenski, vice president of sales and marketing for Morphix Technologies.

The TraceX Explosives Detection Kit is designed to help identify bombers, bomb-makers and their bomb-making facilities. This inexpensive kit can fit into a pocket and once deployed can detect most common explosive materials and their precursors at trace levels in a single test.

The Chameleon Chemical Detection Armband is an easy-to-use, inexpensive, wearable, reusable armband that can hold up to 10 cassettes, each of which detects a particular toxic chemical or class of chemicals and changes color upon detection. It has been approved by the U.S. SAFETY Act of the Department of Homeland Security as an anti-terrorist technology.

The In-Service Training and Expo will focus on case studies from around the globe, as well as additional training on diverse subjects that will appeal to all of the disciplines that make up the membership of the IABTI. There will also be an exhibition and showcase of the latest equipment and technology.

If you’d like to receive more information on the Chameleon or TraceX, please contact Morphix Technologies toll free at 800-808-2234 or locally at 757-431-2260. You can also email

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  • Carbon steel barreled action with tactical bolt handle
  • Metal finished in black Cerakote
  • 22″ Heavy Free-floated barrel with 5-R rifling
  • Threaded muzzle with thread protector
  • X-Mark Pro Externally Adjustable Trigger
    • Breaks like glass, has virtually zero creep and offers a level shot control unmatched by any factory trigger today.
  • Magpul Hunter stock with aluminum bedding block
    • Designed to fit any shooter thanks to an adjustable length-of-pull kit and three comb-height inserts.
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Bollé Adds New Signature Series Camouflage Sunglass Models


OVERLAND PARK, Kansas – June 2, 2017 – One year ago, Bollé brought its first-ever line of camouflage sunglasses to market. The result of a collaboration with Michael Waddell, host of the Outdoor Channel show Bone Collector, the initial line featured two of the newest patterns from industry leader Realtree: Xtra and MAX-5. For 2017, completely new styles, Breaker and Flash, are being introduced.
Breaker and Flash are the first sunglasses in the Michael Waddell Signature Series to have semi-rimless frame designs. In addition to a more sleek, minimalist profile; this structure allows for the convenience of interchangeable lenses. The lenses of all models in the line – whether interchangeable or fixed – are polarized and have an exterior oleophobic/hydrophobic coating, as well as an interior anti-fog treatment.
Built for use in the most demanding environments, all sunglasses in the series have frames made of lightweight, durable B88 Nylon with Thermogrip nose pads and temple tips for a secure, comfortable fit.
“Breaker and Flash share a long list of authentic features with the existing members of our Michael Waddell Signature Series,” noted Bill Yerby, Director of Sales and Marketing for Bollé. “The addition of these new models brings an extra measure of versatility and style to the line.”
Breaker is available now and Flash will begin shipping to retailers in March. Sunglasses in the Bollé Michael Waddell Signature Series range in price from $99.99 to $109.99. All models can be fitted with prescription lenses with Bollé’s B-Thin Active Design Rx program.
Bollé is a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc., an outdoor sports and recreation company. For more information go to

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Magpul ® GL Enhanced Magazine Well for GEN3 Full-Size Glock®Magpul ® GL Enhanced Magazine Well for GEN3 Full-Size Glock®

Magpul Industries is now shipping the MAG908 model of the GL enhanced magazine well. The MAG908 will only fit the G3 Glocks

The Magpul GL Enhanced Magazine Well is a high performance purpose built Glock frame magazine well. Designed to fully enhance and ensure positive magazine insertion in high stress scenarios.

Sleek and ergonomic design features also provide excellent concealment while ensuring minimal printing to the users clothing. Ramp and edge geometry allow for the positive and flawless removal of faulty or stuck magazines during reloading or immediate action events.

Made in U.S.A.


  • Fits Gen 3 versions of the: G17, G17L, G22, G24, G31, G34, G35, G37
  • Large ramp area for easier reloading 
  • External dimensions ensure minimal printing when carrying concealed
  • Reinforced polymer construction
  • Compatible with Magpul, OEM and most aftermarket magazine floor plates
  • Compatible with most common after-market magazine extensions
  • Easy installation
  • M.S.R.P. $24.95
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The NTOA Announces Open Registration for its 2017 Tactical Operations and Crisis Negotiations Conferences and Trade Show

The two conferences will be held back-to-back at the Sheraton Grand in Phoenix, Arizona, Sept. 21-29, 2017.

Doylestown, Pa. (June 2017) – The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) is proud to announce registration is open for its Crisis Negotiations Conference to be held Sept. 21-25, 2017 and its Tactical Operations Conference & Trade Show to be held Sept. 24 – 29, 2017 at the Sheraton Grand in Phoenix, Arizona. The two-day trade show starting on Sept. 24 at 11 a.m. is open to attendees of both conferences. The conferences will be co-hosted by the Phoenix Police Department and Arizona Tactical Officer’s Association. These conferences will draw hundreds of attendees from all corners of the U.S., Canada and other parts of the world.

The NTOA Crisis Negotiations Conference provides an excellent opportunity for law enforcement officers to enhance their negotiation skills, network with others who share the same mission and learn the latest negotiation techniques through a variety of seminars and incident debriefs presented by top speakers within the law enforcement community. Attendees can register here:

The NTOA Tactical Operations Conference brings together internationally renowned instructors, cutting-edge approaches to challenges faced by officers, a first-class trade show and the opportunity to network and learn from peers. The conference features more than 75 courses including seminars and practical tracks, and several contemporary incident debriefs. Attendees can register here:

Since the conferences are held back-to-back this year, the following incident debriefs and seminars are open to attendees of both events:

* Anatomy of a SWAT Call
* Embrace the Suck and Dare to be Great: A Challenge to Tactical Officers
* Incident Debrief: 2013 Washington Navy Yard Active Shooter
* Incident Debrief: Marcus Schumacher Domestic Incident
* Integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in Law Enforcement
* Law Enforcement Equipment Support Programs
* Medical/Legal Issues in TEMS
* Street Level Incident Command System

The exhibit hall will house more than 200 top-notch vendors featuring the latest in law enforcement technology and equipment, including apparel, body armor/personal protection, communications, firearms and ammunition, fitness equipment, footwear, nylon gear, surveillance/electronics, TEMS gear, training equipment, vehicles and WMD. Companies can register to exhibit at Active law enforcement officers, as well as military or first responders with proper credentials, can register here:

For more information on the National Tactical Officers Association, visit or call 800-279-9127. Join the NTOA today and start receiving the benefits of better training and stay on top of the ever-changing and challenging world of law enforcement.

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GAO Denies Glock Protest of Army’s New Sidearm Pick

This is the Army's new Modular Handgun System. It's a version of Sig Sauers' P320 pistol. (Photo courtesy Sig Sauer)


The Government Accountability Office today denied a protest filed by Glock, Inc., against the U.S. Army’s decision to select Sig Sauer, Inc., to make the service’s new Modular Handgun System.

In early January, Sig Sauer beat out Glock Inc., FN America and Beretta USA, the maker of the current M9 9mm pistol in the MHS competition to replace the M9.

Glock, based in Smyrna, Georgia, filed the protest with the GAO on Feb. 24, challenging the Army’s interpretation of the solicitation regarding the minimum number of contract awards required by the Request for Proposal, according to a statement by Ralph O. White, managing associate general counsel for Procurement Law at GAO. Glock also alleged that the Army improperly evaluated its proposal.

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Streamlight ProTac–HL USB Headlamp


Streamlight delivers all of the ProTac HL features in a USB rechargeable headlamp that belongs in your kit. Read my review…

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Where To Begin?

Image result for where to begin memeIt’s Friday and time for our shoot the shit. Readers if you are unfamiliar with a shoot the shit, think of it like this… a discussion on a topic or a variety of topics where you are free to make any unsupported comment, discuss them using profanity, insult anyone you wish or change the subject altogether. You are free to participate whether you know anything about the subject being discussed or not.  After a hard week, a good shoot the shit is more effective than paying a jackass who studied a behavioral science because they wanted to understand themselves. Remember that psychologists, philosophers and sociologist are living proof that free market economies produce sufficient surpluses to absorb their career choice.

Where To Begin?

The Russian extravaganza has bypassed sublime and ridicules and is now headed into uncharted territory.  It touches everyone: Donald J. Trump, Evanka, Jared Kushner, Mike Flynn, Nigel Farage, et al and by this time next week, the TRUMP Tower janitor will be implicated. The Democrats are placing all their chips on the Russian conspiracy bet. They actually believe there’s a groundswell forming over the Russian “involvement! ”

I’d like to share a recent example of that groundswell…

Last week, I attended a dinner. The host arranged 6 to a table and seated at my table were two lesbian women, both engineers. As the evening progressed, the subject changed from technology to politics. Both of these women shared their decision to leave the Democratic Party to become Independents citing embarrassment as their reason with the table. That’s one hell of a groundswell!

It’s amazing readers, Donald Trump could propose a cure for Herpes and Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren would oppose it. Adding insult to injury, you have imbeciles like Stephen Colbert and Kathy Griffin attacking the President of the United States with vulgar and classless stabs. None of these individuals, including the media, have devoted a modicum of time reading, let alone understanding, executive orders, treaties or proposals.  So, who are they? They’re ideologues praying on a generally uninformed audience for ratings.

I firmly believe in a two party system, it’s by far the best way to achieve a centrist balance in policy and legislation, but Democrats are self-destructing and don’t recognize it. It’s tragic and in all candor, I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.

In closing, I want you all to stay informed, stay engaged and if you’re a Kool-Aid drinker, make sure you’re drinking only your own.

Let us hear from you if the mood hits you. Have a great weekend, be safe and enjoy some quality time with your buds and family.

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The Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) remains the premier venue bringing U.S. and International Special Operations Forces (ISOF) together with an industrial consortium to communicate needs, explore new technologies and learn. It’s an event unlike any other in the world, and like a fine wine gets better year over year. 

The Special Operations Community is tasked with taking the lead on the Global War on Terror and as our enemies learn and adapt, so too must our operators if we are to be successful. SOF needs are many but those needs are your opportunities and you’ll find no better, or more supportive, organization for small business than USSOCOM. If this is a market for your innovation, I encourage you to join NDIA and attend SOFIC to meet the many quiet professionals.

This concludes our coverage of SOFIC 2017. We are grateful to NDIA, USSOCOM and The City of Tampa for yet another extraordinary event. In closing, we’ve put together a slide presentation, titled SCENES FROM SOFIC 2017, for your viewing enjoyment , we hope you like it.

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Morphix Technologies® to Exhibit at American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Exposition (AIHce)

Morphix Technologies® to exhibit at Booth #1115 in Washington State Convention Center, June 4-7, 2017.

Virginia Beach, Va. (May 2017)Morphix Technologies®, an innovator in the science of detection devices for dangerous chemicals, will be exhibiting at the 2017 American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Exposition (AIHce), to be held at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington, June 4-7, 2017. Morphix will be exhibiting at Booth #1115. They will be displaying their SafeAir® Chemical Detection Badges and ChromAir® Exposure Monitoring System.
“This is one of my favorite conferences! I enjoy the opportunity to see customers that we have had the privilege to serve, in some cases, for more than 20 years,” said Kimberly Pricenski, vice president of sales and marketing for Morphix.


SafeAir Badges

SafeAir Chemical Detection Badge

SafeAir offers immediate visual confirmation of a specific chemical hazard and is available for many different toxic industrial chemicals. The highly sensitive and selective sensor in the SafeAir badge is designed to show a color change, which appears as an exclamation point when a particular chemical is present.

ChromAir Badge on Shirt

ChromAir Exposure Monitoring System

ChromAir monitors the amount of exposure to dangerous chemicals and can be used for time weighted average or STEL monitoring. Since the results are provided directly on the badge, the IH can take immediate action.
The AIHce gathers together America’s best and brightest professionals responsible for safe and healthy environments in industrial settings. AIHce provides these professionals with a wealth of knowledge and expertise through a varied array of quality, peer-reviewed presentations, lectures, lunch discussions, roundtables, podium and poster sessions and pre-conference Professional Development Courses.
If you’d like to receive more information on ChromAir or SafeAir, please contact Morphix Technologies toll-free at 800-808-2234 or locally at 757-431-2260. You can also email

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Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office Selects SIG SAUER® P320

The Sig P320 handgun. (Photo:

Newington, N.H. (May 27, 2017) – SIG SAUER, Inc., the industry’s Complete Systems Provider™, is proud to announce the selection of the striker-fired P320 pistol as the sidearm of choice for the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office.

The agency, located along the Central Coast of California, was founded in 1850 and stands as one of the oldest law enforcement agencies in the state. Today, the agency is comprised of more than 700 regular employees and more than 200 volunteers.

“After extensive testing, we selected the P320 in both 9mm and .40 and were impressed by its accuracy, reliability and modularity,” said Commander Sol Linver. “We were literally one week away from selecting a competitor’s pistol when SIG Law Enforcement Representative Tony Levatino visited us. We couldn’t be happier with our selection of the P320, and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with SIG SAUER.”

Since its introduction in January 2014, the revolutionary P320 has gained tremendous momentum in the firearm world. Earlier this year, the U.S. Army selected a variant of the P320 as its next service pistol. With unprecedented modularity and a clean, crisp trigger pull, the P320 sets a new standard for striker-fired performance. The serialized trigger group is interchangeable, allowing the shooter to transform the size and caliber of the pistol. Full size, Carry, Compact and Subcompact frames are available. Grip frames are further divided into small, medium and large to accommodate any hand size.

“We are proud to add such a well-recognized agency as the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s office to the fast-growing list of law enforcement agencies adopting the SIG P320,” said Tom Jankiewicz, Executive Vice President, Law Enforcement Sales. “SIG SAUER has a long history of providing only the best firearms for law enforcement use, and we are humbled that officers trust their lives to them.”

For more information on the complete SIG SAUER line, please visit us at

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SOFIC is normally not the venue where exhibitors launch new products, many of these companies launch product at SNOT SHOW, in Las Vegas. However, this year was a notable exception with some pretty interesting new offerings from OTIS, Surefire and Aimpoint. As customary, SOFIC is not the best photo opportunity setting due to classification and security concerns, so if you’re wondering why we did not provide an “ a la Shot Show” photo expose, those are the reasons why.

First up is OTIS Technology, who developed a sight block mounted AK mount for the Trijicon MRO  and a sight block mounted AK Picatinny rail extension.



In June of 2014, I had the opportunity to review the OTIS MSRS 2-piece rail system, which as I understand was a limited production for the DoD to upgrade the standard issue  M4 (non SOPMOD). The machining on the MSRS was 100% MIL-Spec, succinctly the best 2-piece rail system on the market. The same quality  of design and machining is evident in the company’s AK rail mount for the Trijicon MRO and AK rail mount with a Picatinny extension. What’s unique about OTIS’ approach is that their mount sits over the rear leaf sight so there’s no modification to the weapon. How it performs under fire will tell the story but it’s certainly looking good for AK owners that want to equip their Kalashnikovs with an MRO or a reflex sight.

Surefire LLC had The MASTERFIRE™Rapid Deploy Holster at their booth. The company announced the holster last month and its been getting quite a bit of attention. Why?

The MASTERFIRE™ holster allows the operator to carry his or her sidearm with the suppressor installed. This is a big deal for a variety of reason. I was interested in two aspects weapon retention and weapon deployment; both of these were allayed after inspecting the holster.

On weapon retention, nothing gets in the way of a retention lanyard. The holster fully covers the trigger and trigger guard, Surefire engineered the MASTERFIRE™ to lock on the weapon mounted light and it’s a thumb drive release. The holster is weapon agnostic and is compatible with Surefire’s  XH15, X300UH-B and X400UH-A weapon lights. Another nice feature is the inclusion of a switch that activates the weapon light as you draw it. I’m going to call that a bit of fluff but that’s OK. Weapon deployment and holstering requires a bit of behavior modification; like Blackhawk’s Omnivore you need to work with it to develop proficiency.


Aimpoint showed me a new weapon sight that I’m not at liberty to show you, but I think you’ll get to see it Full Monty at SHOT 2018 in Las Vegas. So, make sure you have the Aimpoint Booth on your hit list.

The company also introduced a 6x magnifier for those needing that level of magnification. The glass is excellent and red dot artifacts have been minimized. We’re all too familiar with the comet effect when using a magnifier behind the reflex sight. In a 6x magnifier the problem is even worse so Aimpoint had to put their thinking cap on. You can expect excellent performance from the 6x magnifier from Aimpoint. The downside for me is a very limited field of view.


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Kalashnikov USA to Ship First American AK Shotguns from Florida Facility through Distribution


After an extended and extensive development and testing period, the very first KUSA firearms, the KS-12 and KS-12T AK Shotguns, have begun shipping out.

Pompano Beach, Fla. (May 2017)Kalashnikov USA is proud to announce the long-awaited release of the first KUSA firearms to hit the U.S. marketplace. The KUSA shotguns, the KS-12 and KS-12T, are the first to ship, and will be followed by the KR-9 9mm platform around the end of the summer. 

After a lengthy testing process and evaluation of performance, reliability and durability, the CEO of Kalashnikov USA, Brian Skinner noted that, “We have finally reached the point of being more than satisfied with the remarkable quality and reliability of these products.   These firearms are truly worthy of the Kalashnikov name. We are extremely proud to introduce these to the market, and are confident of their success in the AK arena.

From coast to coast, firearms dealers and AK fans have patiently awaited the arrival of the first KUSA firearms. Increasing interest in the U.S. built platform required KUSA to insist on only the highest standards of parts and processes to complete the manufacturing of these firearms, thus delaying their initial launch. Now, the wait is over, with the arrival of what are to be the first of many models of Kalashnikov USA firearms. These guns bear the prestige of their Russian heritage and engineering along with the innovation of American production.

“I am certain these firearms will be in high demand,” added Bill Silver, VP of sales at KUSA. “Of course, we wanted to ship these guns months ago, but compromising the quality or the brand in order to speed up the time table, was not an option for us.  Kalashnikov USA is only going to produce firearms that will perform well beyond any shooter’s expectations.”

The KR-9 9mm platform of firearms will follow in distribution and will include the KUSA 9mm pistol, the KP-9, the KR-9 carbine and the KR-9 SBR short-barreled rifle. Silver summed up the new 9mm KUSA firearm line models stating, “There will be nothing on the market that will be able to rival these 9mm guns in quality, price, or performance.

For more information on Kalashnikov USA or any of their firearms, visit Visit KUSA on: Instagram at

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Eagle Imports Announces Grand Power Q100 Now Shipping in U.S.

Manufactured in Slovakia and distributed exclusively by Eagle Imports Inc., the Grand Power Q100 pistol offers all the benefits of the K100, but striker fired.

e4e44a36-29f8-45c2-9b48-6f4e2b308d27Wanamassa, N.J. (May 2017)Eagle Imports, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Metro Arms, SPS, Bersa®, Comanche, Grand Power, Llama and Avidity Arms firearms products, is pleased to announce that the Grand Power Q100 is now shipping in the U.S.

“After a long wait, we are very proud to finally announce that the first shipment of Grand Power Q100 pistols have arrived on our shores and are headed to a dealer near you!” Michael Sodini, President of Eagle Imports, Inc. said. “Grand Power pistols are extremely well engineered and their reputation in the U.S. continues to grow. We are confident that the American gun enthusiast will truly enjoy the amazing attributes of the Q100.”

The Q100 model is designed to combine the tried and true locking principle of the K100 model with a reliable trigger mechanism with striker fire. Handling is simplified and controls are minimal. The Q100 boasts Grand Power’s signature rotating barrel that, unlike traditional pistols, never tilts up, minimizing felt recoil and keeping the muzzle on target shot-after-shot.

The ambidextrous Q100s are produced with the finest craftsmanship and are ergonomically designed to fit snuggly in the hand and come with four multi-sized, interchangeable hand grips for the ultimate in custom fit. The CNC machined steel chassis is made with no MIM or cast components, providing the ultimate in durability and quality. The slide boasts deep front and rear slide serrations allowing for a strong purchase when chambering a round. The pistol comes equipped with a universal tactic MIL STD 1913 Picatinny rail. Original owners can rest easy knowing that each pistol comes with a lifetime service contract guarantee.

Grand Power Q100 Specifications:

  • Caliber: 9 mm
  • Action: DA
  • Capacity: 15+1
  • Barrel Length: 4.3″
  • Front Sight: Plastic
  • Rear Sight: Drift-Adjustable Steel
  • Finishes: Black
  • Grips: Polymer
  • Construction: Steel Slide, Steel Frame, Polymer Grip
  • Safety: Firing pin and trigger
  • Weight: 26.1 oz.
  • Length: 8″
  • Height: 5.3″
  • Width: 1.4″
  • MSRP: $574.00

The Grand Power brand is an internationally recognized designer and manufacturer of some of the most modern, innovative semi-automatic pistols offered to civilians and law enforcement alike. To learn more about Grand Power, or any of the other firearm brands that Eagle Imports carries, visit

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In an increasingly hostile cyber environment it becomes more and more important to implement file security technologies that effectively deny exploitation of the hacked data files. One of the more impressive products filling that need comes from Trivalent, an Annapolis, MD technology firm, exhibiting at SOFIC 2017, in Tampa, Fl. The company developed three security platforms, Trivalent Protect, Trivalent Protect Apps and Trivalent Protect SDK. Currently, Trivalent is the only NIAP approved and FIPS 140-2 certified file-level cryptographic software solution that is not only fully scalable, but integrates seamlessly with any existing or legacy technology.

In order to fully appreciate just how elegant Trivalent’s solution is, it’s necessary to have a general understanding of how data is stored and organized on your computer’s hard drive; that job falls to the computer’s operating system, for example Windows.

Image result for fragmented hard driveWhen you create a document, spread sheet or update a relational database, the operating system creates and index. That index points to the hard drive sectors that contains the file. Unlike an l.p. of Mozart’s chamber music where the entire audio impression is contiguous, a computer file can be broken up an stored in any number of available sectors of the hard drive. The more dispersed the file is the more fragmented the drive is. When a file is “deleted” the operating system deletes the index entry but the file fragments remain on the hard drive. This is how law enforcement can retrieve data from a hard drive that has been erased.

There are a number of hacks to contend with, one that is frequently employed functions a follows. The hacker installs software on your computer. Once installed, the software creates a virtual private network with the hacker and allows him or her to tunnel into your computer or laptop. The hacker is then able to FTP the contents of your entire hard drive. These attacks usually occur when a computer user clicks on an unknown link or is fooled by a phishing e-mail.

Trivalent’s file-level encryption solutions achieve several differentiating levels of protection. The company’s security software installs on a P.C. or Laptop as a driver. Once installed, their software provides data security through three layers of cascading encryption keys, which are shredded along with the files. Our separate authentication serves as an additional countermeasure against hackers attempting to gain access at the file level.

Trivalent’s software sits between your application , for example Excel or Word, and captures the data generated by the application encrypting and shredding the information, and disperses those data shreds across the system’s persistent memory (its hard drive). The technique prevents exploitations of the data by exfiltration software. The end result is the data is not stored as a whole preventing attribution of the shreds and eliminating the possibility of recombining identifiable data. It’s also very important to note that processing your application’s data occurs without any significant amount of latency, even video streams!

Trivalent’s technology operate outside of the computer’s own operating system; ergo, customary data recovery is not possible. Even if the entire contents of the hard drive were copied, there would be no way to recombine the encrypted data and exploit its content.

I’m a big proponent of using biometric data to generate encryption keys so I put that question to Eric Damon, Trivalent’s Director of Government Sales and Joe Tuck, Trivalent’s Solution Engineer. Presently the company’s software does not support biometric key generation but rest assured their key generation and management is every bit as robust as their software. Trivalent’s security solutions are scalable and easily deployed enterprise wide.

I want to leave you with a thought. You can not rely on solutions like “Bleach Bit” which is freeware downloadable from an internet site. Bleach bit will hijack your web browser and expose you to malware. I call it an infectious vector. If you are an IT Director who allows users and technical staff to use downloadable freeware, you should find another way to earn a living.

In closing, I was extremely impressed with the company’s approach, its product and the folks behind them. If data security is of concern to you, I strongly suggest you contact Trivalent to arrange a demonstration. They are offering a real time solution to a real time problem that is proving to be increasingly difficult to manage.

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Image result for Fallen US soldiers in WW II

Memorial Day is a day we dedicate to remembering our fallen. So many gave their lives in service of their country.

“There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for another”

We can repay their love by honoring and remembering our fallen on this day. Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day.

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Equipping the individual warfighter embraces a variety of technologies: ballistic protection, headgear, footwear, weapons all of which were represented at this year’s SOFIC.

Obvious from walking the exhibit, was the veritable cornucopia of shoulder fired weapons and pistols. In case you were wondering,  2017 is year of the striker fired pistols. There has never been a greater abundance of these sidearms. Glock 17s and 19s, SIG P320, Beretta APX, FNH 509 are on the shelves and readily available to any of our armed forces components.

Glock continues to dominate the polymer frame striker fired pistol space but it faces some formidable competition. SIG Arms, for example, who won the U.S. Army’s Modular Handgun System (MHS) competition and was awarded a contract worth up to $580 million. SIG SAUER’s P320 beat out Glock Inc., FN America and Beretta USA, maker of the current M9 service pistol, to win the MHS contract.


The P320’s reliability and modularity solves many of the Army’s problems. With the P320 architecture the U.S. Army has a thoroughly customizable platform that works for all hand sizes, keeps the 9mm cartridge and a high capacity magazine.

SOFIC 2017 was my first opportunity to take a close look at Beretta’s APX. Beretta may have been the last major firearms manufacturer to enter the striker fired fray, but when it did, Beretta introduced an excellent pistol. The APX ergonomics are superb as is the trigger and trigger reset. The slide is a work of art featuring the best cocking serrations I’ve ever seen. The exaggerated beaver tail lets the pistol sit squarely in the hand with a relatively low bore height. The magazine release is readily accessible and reversible for our southpaw friends. The APX also uses a removable serialized chassis frame, so the pistol can be easily modified with replaceable grip frame housings and features an ambidextrous slide stop and Picatinny accessory rail. I’m predicting that Beretta’s APX  will be a force to recon with in the striker fired space.


Another new entry in the striker fired genre is the FN 509 from FN USA. This pistol is characteristically FN through and through. The 509 ships with two interchangeable backstraps and exceptional texturing. The 509 is a double action striker fired pistol  specifically designed to meet the U.S. Army’s MHS requirements. The slide is home to  fixed 3-dot luminescent sights (standard) night sights (optional) and features front and back slide serrations. The 509’s barrel is impressive – cold hammer-forged stainless steel, a recessed target crown and a polished chamber and feed ramp that you can shave with.


Long guns were also well represented by Heckler & Koch, SIG SAUER, FN USA, Remington and Barrett. Honorable mention in this writer’s opinion goes to Barrett for their MRAD rifle.

The MRAD user-changeable barrel system is quick requiring little effort to effect. This Barrett design supports .338 Lapua Magnum, .338 Norma Magnum, .300 Norma Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum, .308 Winchester, 7mm Remington Magnum, .260 Remington and 6.5 Creedmoor cartridges. A caliber change involves removing the precision grade barrel, which is accomplished by loosening two bolts using a standard Torx wrench, the bolt head and magazine.

The MRAD also comes with Barrett’s fully adjustable match-grade trigger module, which is user accessible and the thumb-operated safety can be configured for left or right hand operation. The ambidextrous magazine release can be used intuitively while retaining a firing grip and cheek weld.

The rifle features a 21.75 inch M1913 rail with 20 MOA taper. The forward receiver is drilled and tapped for accessory rails to be mounted at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions.

The MRAD stock is foldable and locks onto the bolt handle maintaining the same rifle width whether folded or extended.


In the sniper support category, FN’s MK 20 Mod 0 rifle is a truly impressive semi-automatic medium sniper / designated marksman rifle chambered in 7.62mm x 51mm NATO. The MK 20 Mod 0 is a tweaked MK17 with a 20 round detachable magazine.

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SuppressED: The Audiologist


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Sustainment is always at the top of the list for the various commands that make up USSOCOM, and training is a key component of that. Training for joint operations are difficult to coordinate, difficult to manage and difficult to assess. Training Directors have a difficult job; moreover, without the use of a software tool, they may not even gain near real time visibility of how a unit performed or what prevented them from performing.

VATC, a Florida Corporation, headquartered in Tampa has done some amazing work in the field of Joint Force Readiness. While at SOFIC, I had the opportunity to meet Tony Perez, VATC’s Director of EPIC and received a guided tour of what has to be the best thought out, comprehensive and robust training system in that space. Today, VATC employees are critical to the successful execution of USSOCOM Joint National Training Capability exercises (USASOC JADE HELM, MARSOC RAVEN, NSWC TRIDENT, and AFSOC EMERALD WARRIOR) and to providing Realistic Military Training coordination across the continental United States.

EPIC, or more correctly EPIC Ready™, is a cloud-based or appliance-delivered platform that was created to improve realism in training, and to distribute exercise performance analytics in both dashboards and map-based presentations.  Using a combination of geospatial representation and analytics, replication of realistic human dynamics, and performance-driven metrics, EPIC delivers comprehensive analysis and quantifiable and actionable results available for sharing “Jointly” among defense, intelligence, partner nations and non-governmental organizations. EPIC Ready™ is comprised of three tools combining to generate the most realistic open and distributed enterprise platform ever created. System elements include:

  • Common Database Builder — The Common Database (CDB) Builder provides enhanced Command and Control and Commanders’ Readiness Assessment with geospatial visualization with selectable layers of information in the common operational picture displayed in the Joint Operations Center. The CDB standard is designed as an open, run-time capable simulation database data-store specification that supports multiple simulation systems, such as visual out-the-window, forward looking infrared, radar, and computer generated forces within a single simulator or across a family of simulators. It is a layered tiled approach to storing a worldwide synthetic environment. Initially developed to support the United States Special Operations Command, CDB is being adopted globally. Currently, the U.S. Joint Staff J7 is using CDB for the Cloud-Based Terrain Generation Service.

  • Digital Media Replicator — The Digital Media Replicator (DMR) fills a critical special operations training and exercise gap by simulating a holistic information environment. DMR presents training audiences with publicly available information (PAI) very similar to what they will encounter during a deployment. PAI data sources, from news media to social media, reflect population dynamics to inform intelligence and operations and enhance training and exercise effects. DMR fosters a complex information environment to challenge units against key training tasks. It feeds training audiences scenario data for analysis while also reflecting the second- and third-order effects of their operations.

    DMR incorporates PAI data sources like news sites, blogs, and social media (e.g., Twitter) into a single web-based interface. These information sources are holistic and mutually supporting. For example, a simulated Twitter account may repost a simulated news story or a news media source may reference a Twitter account.

  • Planning and Analysis System The Planning and Analysis System (PAS) supports and deepens the Commander’s combat readiness assessment. PAS fills a critical training and exercise gap by providing exercise planners and leadership at all levels the unit performance data required to ensure force readiness and increase the return on investment in training resources. PAS is a web-deployed, relational database management system that captures and correlates exercise and performance data with a focus on user-defined training objectives throughout the Joint Exercise Life Cycle. PAS’ ability to manage and visualize this information is essential to analyzing training effectiveness for the broadest range of stakeholders. PAS objectively measures the tasks, conditions, and standards assigned to the Joint Mission Essential Tasks (JMETs) associated with a unit’s combat readiness – from a GCC operational battle staff to a tactical unit. From a joint exercise program perspective, PAS provides an objective measurement of JMETs relevant to the overall joint exercise objectives (and specific training objectives) based on the GCC’s theater campaign plan or other Commander guidance.

I’ve seen quite a few training simulators but none were as comprehensive as the EPIC platform. The system supports resource allocation, costing, geospatial customization, financial tracking, analytics and command reporting near real-time. Since EPIC is a cloud based tool, there is no software to maintain or software licenses to manage, access is on a subscription basis. VATC also has consultants deployed around the world to assist the client in setting up and optimizing the EPIC READY Platform  to meet a client’s specific needs. Eighty percent  of VATC consultants are former SOF, and intimately familiar with the platform and joint training exercises.

Agencies desiring more detailed information or desiring to arrange a demonstration of this impressive platform, can contact Joseph A Perez SOCM (SEAL), Director of EPIC at


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VIRB 360® is a compact, waterproof¹, easy-to-use camera that captures fully spherical 360-degree video in up to 5.7K resolution at 30fps. It is the first 360 camera to offer 4K spherical stabilization² with 1 click.

VIRB® 360


  • Resolution up to 5.7K/30fps unstitched and 4K/30fps with in-camera stitching¹
  • 4 built-in microphones capture 360-degree audio
  • 4K spherical stabilization² ensures a smooth video regardless of camera movement
  • Built-in sensors provide G-Metrix™ data overlays in 360-degree augmented reality³
  • Easy-to-use, free VIRB® Mobile app and VIRB® Edit desktop software let you edit, stabilize, share and add data overlays to videos
  • Constantly record for more than 1 hour on 1 charge4 — without overheating


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The IWI Galil ACE® Pistol in 5.56 with Side Folding Stabilizing Brace Now Shipping


Harrisburg, Pa. (May 2017)IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., is pleased to announce that the Galil ACE® Pistol in 5.56 with Side Folding Stabilizing Brace has begun shipping to wholesalers everywhere.

The Galil ACE pistol features a side-folding stabilizing brace in 5.56 NATO (8.3″ barrel). The brace was designed to help disabled shooters operate and fire an AR pistol and can be used in several different ways, including attached to the forearm using the provided strap, cheeked, and thanks to a recent clarification letter from the ATF, shouldered. The stabilizing brace allows the shooter to more easily control and stabilize the Galil ACE pistol. It can be fired with or without the brace extended.

To view the Galil ACE pistol with stabilizing brace in action, click the play button.

“We were as relieved as anyone to hear that the ATF had come to the inevitable conclusion that the legality of a firearm isn’t changed by the way somebody holds it. Now that the Galil ACE pistol can be used to the full extent of its capabilities, I’m certain gun owners everywhere will be glad to know it’s now shipping to wholesalers everywhere in 5.56,” said Michael Kassnar, VP of sales and marketing for IWI US.
Improvements made since the original Galil was first developed include the charging handle (reciprocating) moved to the left side of the milled steel receiver, allowing for weak hand operation. Additional advancements include weight reduction with the use of modern polymers, a full-length two-piece Picatinny top rail and fully adjustable iron sights with Tritium front post and 2-Dot Tritium rear aperture. There is also a Picatinny tri-rail forearm with built-in, slide on/off rail covers with pressure switch access.

The GAP556SB is not available for sale in California or Massachusetts. Magazine capacity restrictions may apply in other states.

  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO
  • Action: Semi-auto
  • Operating System: Closed rotating bolt, long stroke gas piston
  • Magazine Type: MAGPUL PMAG GEN M3 with Window
  • Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds
  • Barrel Material: Cold hammer forged, CrMoV, chrome lined
  • Barrel Length: 8.3″
  • Overall Length: 27.5″ with brace extended; 19.5″ folded
  • Weight: 7.6 lbs. without magazine
  • Rifling: Right Hand, 1:7-inch twist
  • Stock Color: Black
  • Sights: Adjustable with Tritium front post and 2-dot Tritium rear aperture
  • MSRP: $1,849.00

To learn more about the Galil ACE pistol with stabilizing brace, visit

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Federal Premium Introduces Gold Medal Berger


ANOKA, Minnesota – May 24, 2017 – Federal Premium Ammunition is proud to announce its new Gold Medal Berger, which combines the most sought-after bullets on the Precision Rifle Series with the industry’s most trusted factory ammunition. Shipments are currently being delivered to dealers.
New Gold Medal Berger loads feature an advanced boat-tail bullet with a high ballistic coefficient to provide the flattest trajectories, less wind drift and surgical long-range accuracy.
To get the most performance out of the bullet designs, these new loads use Gold Medal match primers, Federal brass and specially formulated propellant, and they adhere to Federal Premium’s strictest specifications for accuracy, pressure and velocity.
Features & Benefits
• Berger Juggernaut OTM, Hybrid OTM or BT Target bullet design, depending on caliber
• Most popular bullets at Precision Rifle Series events
• Extremely high ballistic coefficient
• Less wind drift and drop
• World-class long-range accuracy
• Gold Medal match primer
• Loaded to Federal Premium’s tightest specifications
Part No. / Description / MSRP
GM223BH73 / 223 Rem. 73-grain Berger BT Target / $32.95
GM65GDLBH130 / 6.5 Grendel 130-grain Berger Hybrid OTM / $34.95
GM65CRDBH130 / 6.5 Creedmoor 130-grain Hybrid OTM / $34.95
GM308BH185 / 308 Win. 185-grain Berger Juggernaut OTM / $34.95
Federal Premium is a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc., an outdoor sports and recreation company. For more information on Federal Premium, go to

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DSC_2084Continuing with the SOF requirements for more UAVs, there is also a need to detect and target a hostile sUAV. One approach is based on a directed energy system like the one developed by Boeing. The directed energy system focus a high energy laser on the UAV or sUAV and in about 15 seconds creating structural damage to incapacitate its target. Boeing’s Compact Laser Weapon System shot down a Class 1 UAV with a 10-second laser shot during the Pentagon’s Black Dart anti-drone exercise in 2015. Demand for directed energy weapons is not limited to the SOF community but they are vitally import in ensuring mission success.

A non-kinetic approach to drone defense is Battelle’s DroneDefender  portable anti-UAV beam weapon. Battelle designed and r.f. solution on an M4 format. The system targets the UAV with an r.f. beam that interferes with the UAV control link. Most of the commercial UAVs operate in the 2.4 Ghz. or 5 Ghz. spectrum. Depending on its programming, once the UAV looses its control link, it will return home or land. Some of the issues with this approach revolve around cracked drone software. It is possible to develop code that will allow the drone to detonate a payload rather than go home or land. The drone could also be programmed to ride the interfering r.f. beam to its source. This scenario is hypothetical and requires some level of technical sophistication but certainly possible. In the meantime, Battelle’s DroneDefender is providing the operator with a compact and highly portable technology to counter the increasing threat from commercial UAVs.


Drone detection is equally important and to address that need SpotterRF developed the A2000 Counter Drone Radar.

SpotterRF Compact Surveillance Radars have traditionally been used for protection against ground targets. However, compact radar technology works especially well for detection of aerial vehicles – such as drones.  The ever increasing threat of drones has created the need for compact surveillance radar able to detect small drones at distances of 1 kilometer. The A2000 was specifically developed to detect a DJI size drone at ranges of close to 1 km.  Small enough to be mounted anywhere the A2000 is an integral part of a complete drone detection, identification and defeat solution such as the UAVX system developed by SpotterRF and Black Sage Technologies. The A2000 can be tripod mounted an easily deployed to protect an area of operation, then quickly broken down and packed out of the AO.

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FLIR Systems Announces Appointment of James J. Cannon as President and CEO

WILSONVILLE, Ore., – May 23, 2017 – FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) today announced that James J. (“Jim”) Cannon has been appointed President and Chief Executive Officer, effective June 19, 2017. Mr. Cannon will succeed Andy Teich, whose retirement after 33 years of service was previously announced on February 14, 2017.

Mr. Cannon’s extensive and varied leadership experience, together with his proven operational expertise and ability to adapt business strategies to meet evolving market needs, makes him ideally suited to lead FLIR and its portfolio of innovative technology-based products and applications. He previously served for more than 16 years in a variety of senior leadership positions at Stanley Black & Decker, Inc., most recently as President of Stanley Security North America & Emerging Markets. Prior to that, Mr. Cannon was President of the company’s Industrial & Automotive Repair (IAR) business unit, first in North America and subsequently in Europe and Latin America, before then serving as President of Stanley Oil & Gas.

In addition to his global, cross-functional leadership experience at Stanley Black & Decker, Mr. Cannon served in the U.S. Army for 10 years as an infantryman and armor officer in a wide variety of assignments around the world, including Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm in Iraq, where he learned to truly appreciate FLIR’s technology and was awarded a Combat Infantryman’s Badge. He later oversaw key security missions as part of the Army’s peace enforcement operations in Bosnia.

“We are delighted to appoint a chief executive of Jim’s caliber,” said Earl R. Lewis, Chairman of the FLIR Board of Directors. “Jim’s proven track record of achieving strong results in both business and the military make him uniquely well qualified to serve as FLIR’s next CEO. Our Board of Directors conducted a thorough search process, in which Jim distinguished himself as a true leader of leaders and demonstrated his experience and adaptability running business units worldwide. We’re confident he is the right person to lead FLIR’s dedicated employees. On behalf of the entire Board, I’m pleased to welcome Jim and am excited to work closely with him as we continue to leverage the unique attributes of the FLIR brand and product portfolio to deliver increased value to our shareholders.”

“The opportunity to join this outstanding leadership team and serve alongside over 3,000 talented FLIR employees worldwide as the Company’s next CEO is a great honor,” said Mr. Cannon. “The FLIR brand is synonymous with continuous innovation and delivering value to customers around the world. From my own personal experience having relied on FLIR technology as a combat veteran, I’ve seen firsthand the powerful, life-saving impact the Company’s portfolio of solutions can have for our customers. Andy and the FLIR team have done a great job building out FLIR’s technology and business, and I’m excited to build on that success and drive further growth for the benefit of FLIR’s employees, customers, and shareholders.”

As President of Stanley Security North America & Emerging Markets, Mr. Cannon held direct P&L responsibilities across five business units, managed over 5,000 employees, and oversaw the operations of numerous manufacturing plants and distribution centers. In this role, he successfully developed and executed a strategic plan that reduced complexity and cost while driving continued and sustained improvement. In his previous roles as President of Stanley Oil & Gas, President of IAR Europe & Latin America, and President of IAR North America, he demonstrated his operational skills by driving significant organic growth, increased efficiency, and improved profitability at each business unit.

Mr. Cannon serves on the board of directors of Lydall, Inc. and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration/Marketing from the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga.

Mr. Cannon will be based out of the Company’s Wilsonville, Oregon headquarters.

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The Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) is a premier event held annually in Tampa, FL home of  U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). The venue is a collaborative effort between USSOCOM and the National Defence Industrial Association (NDIA). NDIA is designated by the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The organization traces its roots to the American Defense Preparedness Association (ADPA), founded in 1919, and the National Security Industrial Association (NSIA), founded in 1944. For 100 years, NDIA has been the glue that creates a collaborative environment between Defense, Industry and Academia. Organizing SOFIC is one of those activities. So, what is SOFIC?

The conference brings together the U.S. and international Special Operations Community with industry to exchange ideas, communicate needs and explore opportunities. Every year, thousands of attendees from all over the world and over 400 exhibitors gather at the Tampa Convention Center in what is one of the best SOF centric conferences available anywhere.

The Special Operations Community is called upon to do some of the heavy lifting as we prosecute the GWOT. The asymmetric environment these men and women operate in is both challenging and perilous; placing demands on people and assets that require a continual evolution of methods and technology.  Complicating this complex fabric is the very real fact that our adversary is employing readily available technology to communicate, plan, and execute with increasing effectiveness. To counter this momentum, industry needs to develop SOF centric technologies that deny and mitigate the effective use of technology tools against our and our partner’s forces. Winning the day in today’s theaters is no longer a function of the biggest tank, the best firearms or artillery. The battlefield circa 2017 needs information, analytics, behavioral biometrics and DSC_1976other “force multipliers.” Technology must not only be better, it must be faster and cheaper. Operators in the field now are confronting commercially available drones being used for ISR and weaponized; therefore, technologies are needed to detect and destroy the sUAV in the field. In the words of LTG Kenneth E Tovo, Commander, USASOC “we don’t just need a drone we need swarms of them.” That statement alone is an industry signal on needs going forward – technology serving as force multipliers.

USSOCOM Service Component & Sub-Unified Command Panel were very much in sync identifying needs that address sustainment and future capability gaps.

  • LTG Ken Tovo, USA, CDR, USASOC
  • Lt Gen Marshall Webb, USAF, CDR, AFSOC
  • Maj Gen Carl Mundy, USMC, CDR, MARSOC
  • Maj Gen Gregory Lengyel, USAF, DCDR, JSOC

So what’s hot at this year’s SOFIC Conference?

DSC_2030At the top of the list is the sUAV, all of the services want more of them; specifically, sUAVs that can be operated by a single operator, which suggests that you’ll see a huge increase in Part 107 compliant (gross weight between .5lbs to 55lbs) UAVs. Size alone is not at the heart of innovation, flight performance and payloads are being aggressively developed. One impressive example exhibited at this year’s conference  is  Drone Aviation Corp’s Heavy Lift WATT 300 Multirotor Tethered Drone and  the recently upgraded WASP Military Aerostat Platforms.


In addition to ISR the sUAV will play an increasingly important role in logistics, and in the very near future operators will be resupplied via UAV. As the sUAV permeates the Services, industry will drive demand for payload packages, man-portable platforms will need tactical nylon specifically designed to transport the UAV and their corresponding remote control platforms and weaponizing the sUAV will likely be a dedicated industry sector.

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Swab-its Star Chamber Cleaning Swabs For The M4 / AR-15

20170519_151803AR owners are all too familiar with what a pain it is to clean the chamber. Swab-Its, makers of the popular Bore Tips, introduced their Star Chamber Cleaning foam swabs in late April 2017. We’ll be trying them out this June to share our impressions.

  • There are a number of key features: Swab-its Star Chamber Cleaning foam swabs are designed for AR-15/M4 platforms (AR-10 and bolt actions are manufactured with much larger chambers and locking lugs.), each tip can be used multiple times and should substantially outlast a similar priced bag of patches, mops, and felt pads; they are also washable and reusable with degreasing soap and water or mineral spirits and lint-free and fiber-free.
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Federal Premium Expands Personal Defense HST Micro Lineup with 38 Special +P Load


 HST Micro 38 Special +P

ANOKA, Minnesota – May 18, 2017 – Federal Premium Ammunition’s Personal Defense HST Micro loads fuel peak performance from subcompact, concealed-carry handguns. For 2017, the HST Micro line has been expanded to include a 130-grain 38 Special +P load with a deeply seated bullet that eliminates excess air space in the case. This results in the most consistent velocities and terminal performance. Shipments of the new loads are now arriving at dealers.
Like all HST Micro rounds, the new load provides reliable expansion, optimum penetration and superior terminal performance with a bullet weight and propellant optimized for the most efficiency and accuracy in subcompact handguns.
“By combining the HST bullet design with the unique seating depth, we’ve created the most consistent 38 Special personal defense load on the market,” says Federal Premium Handgun Product Lane Director Jason Nash. “We’re proud to give those who carry a 38 Special the most effective possible option for the platform.”

Features & Benefits
• New 38 Special +P load for micro-size concealed carry revolvers
• Deep bullet seating eliminates inconsistent powder burn rates
• Law enforcement proven HST bullet design
• Expanded diameter and weight retention produce the desired penetration for personal defense situations, without over-penetrating
• Clean-burning, low-flash propellants
Part No. / Description / MSRP
P38HST1S / 38 Special +P HST Micro, 130 grain / $30.95

Federal Premium is a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc., an outdoor sports and recreation company. For more information on Federal Premium, go to

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Adaptive Tactical’s EX Performance Stock for AR15/AR10 Carbines Now Available in Flat Dark Earth (FDE)

The EX Performance Stock is adjustable, made from high impact polymer, weighs less than a pound and has a thick recoil pad that tames even the most punishing calibers.

Nampa, Idaho (May 2017) – Adaptive Tactical, LLC, manufacturers of innovative firearm stocks, magazines, conversion kits and accessories, is pleased to announce that its popular EX Performance Adjustable M4-Style Stock for the AR15/AR10 Carbine Platform is now available in Flat Dark Earth (FDE).

“We had hard-hitting calibers like .308, .458 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf in mind when designing the EX Performance stock. It’s made out of high impact polymer, has an oversized, high-strength adjustment pin and a thick recoil pad that’ll soak up the most punishing recoil, all while weighing in at less than a pound. You asked for it and we listened, due to high customer demand, the popular EX Performance stock is now available in Flat Dark Earth.” said Gary Cauble, Director of Sales and Marketing for Adaptive Tactical.  

The stock is fully adjustable and has an easy access, quick adjust lever that allows the operator to adjust length on the fly.


  • Designed for owner installation
  • M4-style stock with adjustable length-of-pull
  • Easy to reach, oversized rapid adjust lever with reinforced locking adjustment pin
  • Integrated QD swivel attachment
  • Compatible with Mil-Spec sized extension tubes
  • Nonslip, removable, vented, soft, rubber, recoil pad
  • Dimensions:  2″ x 6″ x 6 1/4″
  • Weight:  12 oz. with recoil pad (8 oz. without pad)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Now available in FDE
  • MSRP:  $49.99

Gun owners wanting the latest in AR15/AR10 stock technology can purchase the EX Performance Stock in FDE online at or by contacting their local firearm retailer.

For more information on Adaptive Tactical, visit or “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Instagram. For more information on Adaptive Graphx or Stōn Camo, visit and

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Midlothian, Va., May 16th, 2017 — GPO, USA, the industry’s newest premium optics company introduces the PASSION™ 6X riflescope portfolio. This product is German designed and engineered and brings quality, features and value together for the benefit of the American hunter. The PASSION™ 6X riflescope lineup is built on a 30mm machined aircraft aluminum main tube, comes standard with iControl™ fiber-optic auto-off illuminated reticles and is offered in 24mm, 50mm, and 56mm objective lens models.

“PASSION 6X is one of our flagship categories packed with the optical brilliance and technical features expected from super-premium riflescopes. With a 6X zoom factor, it is a highly versatile tool in the American hunters’ arsenal of equipment,” says Michael Jensen, owner and CEO of GPO, USA. “Feature for feature, spec for spec, this product simply outshines other competitive European product lines.”

The PASSION™ 6X riflescope line will initially be offered in a 1-6x24i, 2.5-15x50i and 2.5-15x56i, all with an iControl™ illuminated 4A reticle. With durable metallic turret caps, easily adjustable PASSIONtrac™ quick zero custom turrets, GPObright™ high transmission lens coating technology, and Passiondrop™ hydrophobic exterior lens coatings coupled with double HD glass objective lenses, fast-focus rubberized ocular, and an extra wide magnification adjustment ring, these scopes will meet the needs of everyone looking for a high-performance riflescope. Select models include extreme wide-angle field of view, sure to please optical enthusiasts. The illuminated reticle options are fiber-optically driven and have the newest iControl™ auto-off feature that protects the battery from draining unnecessarily, so users always have illumination when they need it most. This feature is usually found in much higher-priced scopes.

“We packed this product with highest optical and technical features available in the world and fought to keep pricing reasonable. Extreme premium products do not need to come with extreme premium prices. As serious outdoorsmen ourselves, we understand how important it is for American hunters to trust in their equipment,” says Jensen. “When you see this product and compare it to competitive scopes, technically, optically, and by price, you’ll see why it will quickly become a leader it its price/class space.”

All GPO products purchased in the United States include the GPO, USA’s spectacular lifetime warranty. Full details of this incredible warranty can be found at

WE FIGHT – WE SUPPORT – WE CARE. GPO, USA is proud to contribute a portion of all sales proceeds to the following organizations: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, National Rifle Association, Safari Club International, and American Birding Association. GPO also proudly contributes to cerebral palsy research. For additional information onthese efforts, visit or e-mail


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While at Shot Show 2017 I had the opportunity to shoot Silencerco’s MAXIM ® 9. Two things are important when discussing the MAXIM. This is the industry’s first integrally suppressed pistol in a full length and short configurations.  The MAXIM is a Silencerco design from the ground up and this striker fired 9 mm feels great in the hand  with a very nice trigger.

Shipped in its full-length configuration, the Maxim 9 comes with everything the user needs to shorten the overall length by more than 1”; in the short configuration, the Maxim 9 remains hearing safe with subsonic ammunition.

Features & Key Benefits:

  • Hearing safe and holsterable
  • 4.38” Fixed Barrel
  • Uses standard Glock Magazines
  • End User Serviceable 
  • Ambidextrous Controls
  • Precut for Micro Red-dot Optics
  • Key-mod interface that allows for the addition of a rail and light or laser
  • M.S.R.P. $1499

For additional information visit Silencerco

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Arsenal, Inc. Is Phasing Out The Pistol Models

LAS VEGAS, NV –As part of the consolidation of its product line-up and trimming certain models, Arsenal, Inc. is phasing out the SAM7K and SLR-106UR Pistol models. These 7.62x39mm and 5.56x45mm pistols will no longer be manufactured and all stock will be offered at significantly lowered prices. All configurations will be available at $300-$500 lower than their standard MSRP, while stocks last. Please contact your retailers and distributors for stock status and actual pricing.

SAM7K Pistol – 7.62x39mm caliber pistol, milled receiver (hot-die hammer forged), short gas system, front sight block / gas block combination, 10 1/2 inch chrome lined hammer forged barrel, black polymer, Picatinny Quad Rail handguard furniture options, original pistol grip made to work with ambidextrous safety lever, peep rear sight, side mounted scope rail, integrated flashlight option. Includes one 5-round magazine, sling, oil bottle, and cleaning kit.

SAM7K-01 SAM7K-01R SAM7K-02
sam7k pistol sam7k pistol sam7k pistol

SLR-106 UR Pistol – 5.56x45mm caliber pistol, stamped receiver, short gas system, front sight block / gas block combination, 8 1/2 inch chrome lined hammer forged barrel, new style removable muzzle brake/compensator designed to reduce recoil, 24×1.5mm RH threads, black polymer, wood, or Picatinny Quad Rail handguard furniture options, stabilizing brace options. Includes one each 5-round and 20-round magazines, sling, oil bottle, and cleaning kit.

SLR106-58 SLR106-58R SLR106-59
sam7k pistol sam7k pistol sam7k pistol
SLR106-60 SLR106-60R SLR106-60W
sam7k pistol sam7k pistol sam7k pistol

Learn about all the Arsenal Pistol variants here:

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Mossberg Gear Announces its New Shotgun Bandolier and Shotgun Belt

The Mossberg® Gear Shotgun Belt and Shotgun Bandolier keep your shells within reach for fast reloads.

Nampa, Idaho (May 2017)Mossberg® Gear, a creator of top-quality licensed outdoor products that mirror Mossberg’s tradition of design innovation, performance and reliability, is pleased to announce their new Shotgun Bandolier and Shotgun Belt.
“When you’re out in the field, you don’t have time to fumble around hunting for shells in boxes, pouches or your pockets. The Mossberg Shotgun Bandolier and Shotgun Belt put the shells at your fingertips and make reloading quick and easy,” said Gary Cauble, Mossberg Gear VP of Sales.

The Mossberg Shotgun Bandolier stores up to 45 shells. The shells are in easy reach and stay in the same place and in the same orientation, making for quick reloads. Designed for heavy-duty field use, the bandolier is constructed of durable nylon with reinforced stitching and nonslip elastic storage loops that can hold 12, 16 or 20 Ga. shells. The bandolier has a heavy duty tri-lock buckle that ensures a strong and secure latch. The bandolier’s over-the-shoulder design is fully adjustable from 48″ to 58,” accommodating any size shooter and includes a removable five shell storage pack. MSRP $29.99.

The Mossberg Shotgun Belt keeps up to 25 rounds ready-to-go at your belt line so you can quickly reload. The belt is adjustable from waist size 27″ to 44.'” This heavy-duty and field-ready belt features a durable quick-release tri-lock buckle, reinforced nonslip elastic storage loops that can hold 12, 16 or 20 Ga. shells, reinforced stitching and heavy-duty webbing. MSRP $26.99.
Mossberg Gear is now accepting applications from qualified dealers and distributors. To learn more about how you can become a dealer or distributor of Mossberg gear, send your inquiry to . For more information on Mossberg Gear, visit

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Ritter & Stark GmbH Announces Winner of Donated Rifle in Police Magazine Giveaway

Feistritz, Austria (May 2017)Ritter & Stark GmbH, an Austrian-based firearms design and manufacturing company, is proud to announce that Lt. Greg McGivern, of the Linn County Sheriff’s Office, has won the Ritter & Stark SX-1 MTR it donated to the Police Magazine’s Well Dressed Tactical Officer Giveaway.

Police Magazine said that they’ve never had as much interest in a weapon sponsored for its Well Dressed Officer Contest than it did with the SX-1 MTR.

“I was floored when I learned that I had won the contest. I never win anything! It really made my year. I want to thank Ritter & Stark for supplying a fantastic rifle as one of the prizes, said McGivern.

“We are proud supporters of law enforcement officers and we were happy to be able to participate in Police Magazine’s prize package and give a well deserving law enforcement officer an absolutely amazing rifle. Thank you for your service, Greg!” said Yakov Trakhman, marketing director of Ritter & Stark.

The SX-1 MTR has been designed by the world’s best engineers, using state of the art machinery and proprietary techniques to create an advanced long-range precision rifle. The SX-1 MTR allows the operator to quickly and easily change out calibers between .308 Win, .300 Win Magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum while in the field. All conversion kits contain the elements necessary for an easy transition from one caliber to another.

In addition to the ease of interchangeability, the barrels come with a MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail pre-installed, allowing the operator to pre-sight optics on each barrel, eliminating any need to re-zero the rifle when changing caliber. This is especially important for those professionals who, while in the field, must adapt quickly as their mission changes. The SX-1 MTR’s modularity also allows the utilization of different aftermarket magazines, triggers and grips, providing tactical operators with the ability to customize the rifle to their specific body-type and mission.

One of the secrets to Ritter & Stark’s unprecedented accuracy is its unique barrel production. No other barrel maker in the world manufacturers its barrels like Ritter & Stark. The rifling is done in a CNC-controlled electrochemical machine. This avoids the transmission of thermal effects and mechanical stress to the material. Furthermore, this process allows Ritter & Stark to produce barrels with unique uniformity and within tolerance zones that were not possible in serial production before.

Every rifle is tested at the factory and can achieve 0.5 MOA 3-round groups or better using factory match grade ammunition.

Visit to learn more about its rifles.

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Special Operations Force Industry Conference (SOFIC) 2017


I’m just getting back from another outstanding SOFIC Conference in Tampa, Fl. This coming week, I’ll be updating readers on what the SOF Community is up to, what their needs are going forward along with a 30,000 foot look at their very broad capabilities, and some of the goodies industry has to offer. So stay tuned!

I want to thank NDIA and USSOCOM for the hard work that goes into making the event such a great success.

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MasterPiece Arms’ Shooters Sweep Recent Precision Rifle Series (PRS) Matches

MPA Sponsored Shooters David Preston and Matt Rooks took first and second at the Big Dog Steel Buckeye Classic while MPA Sponsored Shooter Jon Pynch won the South Dakota Classic match and MPA Team Shooter Steven Kylberg took second at the NALRSA match.

David Preston taking a long range shot with his MPA BA Chassis at the Buckeye Classic.

.Jon Pynch (C) and his first-place trophy  Comer, Ga.- (May2017)MasterPiece Arms (MPA), manufacturers of the MPA BA Rifles, Chassis Systems, Defender Pistols and Carbines, Suppressors and MPAR Rifles, is proud to announce that its sponsored shooters David Preston and Matt Rooks took first and second place, respectively, using the MPA BA Chassis, at the Big Dog Steel Buckeye Classic held May 6 – 7, 2017 in Kimbolton, Ohio. In addition, sponsored shooter, Jon Pynch, took first using the MPA Competition chassis at the South Dakota Steel Classic held May 5-7 in Orient, South Dakota, while MPA Team Shooter Steven Kylberg came in second at the North American Long Range Shooting Association (NALRSA) match held May 6, 2017,in Bandera, Texas, shooting a complete MPA rifle.

“The Buckeye Classic was a challenging match. With the help of my Masterpiece BA chassis I was able to maintain comfortable and rock solid positions which consisted of prone, barricades and slung positional,” said David Preston, winner of the Buckeye Classic.

Matt Rooks and his BA Chassis at the Buckeye Challenge.

Not only is the MPA BA Competition Chassis winning matches, it’s taking over the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) community. According to a recent survey, the MPA BA Chassis is the most popular chassis among the top 100 PRS shooters and experienced a 900 percent increase in use from the year before, which was by far the biggest jump among all chassis systems. MPA BA rifles and chassis are built by precision rifle shooters, for precision rifle shooters. In fact, MPA’s president, Phil Cashin, is an active PRS shooter. He finished in the top 100 this year and qualified for the finale last year. Cashin is always testing out new ideas and tweaks in the matches he competes in and continues to seek out feedback from other world class shooters.

“We build our rifles with the needs of elite PRS and long distance shooters in mind.” said Cashin.

Steven Kylberg accepting his prize money.


Custom MPA BA Rifle Specifications:

  • Caliber: 6mm, 6.5mm, .308 Win, .300 Win Mag, .338 Lapua
  • Action and Bolt: Kelbly or Defiance (based on caliber)
  • Barrel: Spencer/MPA Hand Lapped Barrel
  • Action/Bolt Design: Remington 700® Type
  • Chassis: MPA Tactical Aluminum Chassis
  • Muzzle Brake: MPA Muzzle Brake (Tactical or Bench Rest Type)
  • Trigger Tech Trigger
  • Magazine: AICS Mag Compatible (10 Round AICS Type Magazine Included)
  • Built-in Bubble Level
  • Adjustable Cheek Riser and Length of Pull
  • Night Vision Bridge
  • Barrier Stop
  • EVG Grip
  • MSRP: $3,200.00



MPA BA Rifle

For more information on MasterPiece Arms and their product line of pistols, rifles, carbines and suppressors, visit

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VATC Showcases Groundbreaking EPIC Ready™ At SOFIC 2017 In Tampa

TAMPA, Fla., May 15, 2017 Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting Inc. (VATC), a leader in delivering realistic training environments to government and commercial customers around the world, announced today that it will provide demonstrations of its innovative EPIC Ready platform, and host a small user group reception to discuss the current and future applications of the product at the 2017 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Tampa, Fla., May 15-18. At their user group reception, titled “The Map of ThingsTM: Mission Readiness through a Map-Based Data Analytics Platform,” EPIC Ready users are invited to discuss the product’s development and deployment thus far, and operational input into the technology’s future solutions for greater mission readiness. Launched just six months ago at I/ITSEC 2016, EPIC is already having great success in support to many customers across the DoD.

“In today’s ever-changing threat environment, no organization is ever expected or able to act alone in times of crisis. Recognizing the numerous challenges that face the Joint Forces today and in the future, we developed the EPIC Ready platform to bridge critical gaps in training realism and assessment,” said Sara Moola, VATC’s co-founder and CEO. “EPIC Ready seeks to maximize individual and unit mission readiness by exposing all echelons of command to the most realistic training and exercise experience possible, enabling objective and comprehensive exercise performance measurement, and visually representing the multi-dimensional ‘Map of Things’ through EPIC’s high resolution 3D common layered geospatial environment. We’re looking forward to discussing the future of the product, and how we work together for enhancing global mission readiness, with our users at SOFIC.”

EPIC Ready™ is a cloud-based or appliance-delivered platform that was created to improve realism in training, and to distribute exercise performance analytics in both dashboards and map-based presentations.  Using a combination of geospatial representation and analytics, replication of realistic human dynamics, and performance-driven metrics, EPIC delivers comprehensive analysis and quantifiable and actionable results available for sharing “Jointly” among defense, intelligence, partner nations and non-governmental organizations. EPIC Ready™ is comprised of three tools combining to generate the most realistic open and distributed enterprise platform ever created. System elements include:

  • Common Database Builder — Provides enhanced command and control (C2) and geospatial visualization, allowing users to build, edit and share 3-D models for a uniform training experience.
  • Digital Media Replicator — Enables participants to engage in the most realistic environments possible by aggregating digital media information to inform intelligence and operations and enhance training and exercise effects.
  • Planning and Analysis System Improves rapid field review and deepens the combat preparedness assessment by measuring training performance against mission objectives, becoming the first near real-time system to realistically and objectively assess readiness.

The EPIC Ready platform will be demonstrated at SOFIC 2017, May 15-18, in suites 2138/2133 at the Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel.  To set up a demo, contact Thomas Miller from VATC at To learn more about VATC, please visit

About Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting, Inc. (VATC)

For more than a decade, Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting Inc. (VATC) has combined its joint training experience, innovative engineering talent, and intelligence expertise to pioneer the development of the most advanced, realistic Distributed Missions Operations (DMO) training environments available. Combining the latest open geospatial data standards with an integrated suite of innovative DMO training solutions, VATC offers a legacy of proven performance, leading subject-matter expertise and the most innovative technological solutions to the modern military’s growing challenges. For more information, visit us at, or on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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The KRISS VECTOR GEN II SDP-SB is an amazing firearm. Buyers derive all the benefits of compactness, reliability and simplicity with multi-caliber flexibility and none of the NFA burden.

Read My Review…

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