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The Numbers Are In

Readers we made it through another week, and as you know, Friday is when we try to publish a shoot the shit topic for your reading enjoyment. For new readers, a shoot the shit topic can be anything that comes … Continue reading

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Phantom Technologies Will Be Exhibiting At Milipol 2015

Phantom Technologies expertise is in the r.f. world and in an era where everything is digital anything remotely analog is magic, but so are the products they develop. High-end convoy, cellular and tactical jammers Jamming system for military or civilian … Continue reading

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Whishing You All A Safe And Happy Halloween!

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SOFIC 2015 Comes To A Close

The overwhelming theme at SOFIC 2015 was leveraging the SOF/ Industry partnership to enable SOF and its Blue Force partners to operate and win in a complex world. The world as it exists today is certainly complex and USSOCOM is … Continue reading

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C Products Defense Would Like You To Visit Their Booth At The 2015 SHOT SHOW. How Could You Say NO.

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Knight’s Armament Pre-SHOT SHOW New Product Announcement.

  Courtesy: KAC TV

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Wishing You A Happy and Prosperous New Year In 2015

Happy New Year ! Bon Année Nouvelle! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! С Новым Годом

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Magpul 2015 Calendar

Magpul is now accepting pre-orders for their 2015 calendar. They make a super Christmas gift. Pre-Order HERE

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