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ATK Selected To Supply M2010 Sniper Rifle Ammunition

The M2010 is a bolt action 300 Winchester Magnum (WinMag) precision rifle suitable for long range antipersonnel engagements. The weapon is magazine fed and fires a 190 grain projectile to a maximum effective range of 1200 meters. The U.S. Army … Continue reading

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Silencerco’s Harvester Large Bore Suppressor

Silencerco specifically designed the latest additions to their suppressor line for the hunter and long range precision shooter. The Harvester line is available in two calibers, a .300 WinMag  can that is 8.8” long and 1.375” in diameter  and .338 … Continue reading

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Armalite’s Redesigned AR-30 the AR-30A1

Armalite, has done a superb job of recreating an already top performer, its well established, AR-30. The new version, designated AR-30A1, offers a number of features absent in its predecessor: Muzzle brake threads on the end of the barrels employ … Continue reading

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The Exo-A1 Concept Rifle

By: Sal Palma Much of what I enjoy about the defense industry is the enormous pool of talent and creativity. A large part of that industry is comprised of small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs like John Copper from South Africa. … Continue reading

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General Dynamics Unveiled A New Lightweight Medium Machine Gun.

General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products (GDATP) unveiled a new Lightweight Medium Machine Gun (LMMG) at NDIA’s Joint Armaments Conference, Exhibition & Firing Demonstration held in Seattle this past May. The new machine gun attempts to fill a gap that exists between the … Continue reading

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