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Here we are once more, one week closer to Black Friday, Christmas and New Year’s. It’s also a Friday and time for our weekly shoot-the-shit. This week’s topic was going to be “How to identify a moron,” the last minute … Continue reading

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The Command Arms AK47SFSP Side-Folding, 6-Position AK47 Stock Tube Now Available

CAA USA announced that CAA ambidextrous, side-folding, 6-position, polymer, collapsible stock tube is now available and shipping to retailers across the country. The CAA side-folding, stock tube (AK47SFSP) allows the installation of M4-style stocks on most AK-style rifles with Saiga … Continue reading

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Accu-Grip for the AK-47

                        Las Vegas, NV, April, 2015. Accu-Grip http://www.accu-grip.net  – as a follow up on to their wildly efficient new adjustable AR-15 Grip, Accu-Grip is now producing another unique patented … Continue reading

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Arsenal Limited Edition "Las Vegas" SAM7R Rifle

Every year, the folks at Arsenal Inc. do something to help the Las Vegas area Boy Scouts. Bravo! There is no better mentoring and team building than the Scouts, so I’m very proud to help them get the word out; … Continue reading

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Mikhail Kalashnikov Is Dead At 94

Mikhail Kalashnikov, Father of the Modern Assault Rifle, has passed at age 94. As a young designer in the Soviet Army, Kalashnikov adapted a number of design features from German and American firearm designs to develop the most successful assault … Continue reading

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Reader Question: AK47 Magazine with an HSGI TACO pouch.

This reader was experiencing binding when using his HSGI TACO pouch with an AK47 magazine.

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Preview of Panteao Productions “Fighting with the AK — Lost in Translation”

“Fighting with the AK — Lost in Translation”  features former Russian Spetznaz and Marshal Artist, Saulius “Sonny” Puzikas, a former operator in a Soviet military special purpose unit. Sonny is an instructor to international special units, military and law enforcement. His focus … Continue reading

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Modernization of the AK47

By: Sal Palma When combat assault rifles are a topic of discussion, the Avtomat Kalashnikova emerges supreme and the most successful combat rifle in the history of modern warfare. No other shoulder fired weapon stirs emotions like the AK47. Although … Continue reading

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Test Your AK Knowledge – Results

The majority of participants did not correctly classify the AK47 depicted in the survey post. Only one participant correctly classified it as the AKM N. It has a stamped receiver, the gas vents are on a radial along the edge … Continue reading

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Test Your AK Knowledge

Here’s an opportunity to test your knowledge of the  Avtomat Kalashnikova …

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Snapshot of February & March !

FOG HORN friends and readers, here’s what’s up. The month of February will see a review of SealSkinz waterproof socks. I certainly don’t want to steal any thunder from the review, but if you hunt or hike you’ll want a few pairs … Continue reading

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