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SHOT SHOW 2014 – Horus Vision

Horus Vision, San Bruno, CA is a company that I’ve had the opportunity to follow for a number of years. To say that they’ve revolutionized long range shooting is an understatement. The company made its mark with the introduction of … Continue reading

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Look For Continuing Development Of Kestrel’s Ballistics Weather Tracker™ with Horus® ATrag® Software

The United States of America is indeed blessed with a veritable cornucopia of talent, and nowhere is this more evident than in the defense industrial complex. The companies that make up this huge fabric are creative and committed to providing … Continue reading

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Horus® Vision in 2011

If you like success stories, then you’ll like modeling your business strategy like Horus Vision, San Bruno, CA. Traditionally, precision shooters, like military and police accurately place a shot under varying conditions. Snipers, used the vertical and horizontal dots to determine … Continue reading

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Kestrle’s 4500NV Horus

Sniper teams operating across a range of AOs face a similar problem, how to develop a precise firing solution given weather, range and target variables. To address this need, several companies developed and fielded stand alone solutions with varying degrees of … Continue reading

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