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Would You Like To Be The One To Kill Bin Laden?

If you’ve always wanted to be the one who takes down GERONIMO, take a trip to The Twin Cities, MN. There you’ll need to hook up with Ann and Larry Yatch, founders and operators of Seald Mindset Firearms Studio. Larry … Continue reading

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The Dog That Cornered Osama Bin Laden

This story was published on Blogs Nosey Parker The Dog That Cornered Osama Bin Laden Disclaimer: I have not researched its content to asses the accuracy or authenticity of this story. Readers are advised that no evidence exists suggesting military dogs were … Continue reading

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Top N Reasons Where N = 10 Usama Bin Laden is Pissed.

10.     His new accommodations are way too damp. 9.      He’s been there only a week and already he’s got a case of the crabs. 8.     Nobody ever said he’d be living next door to a Jew, Jimmy Hoffa. 7.     He wanted … Continue reading

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