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Boeing and Nammo Team to Develop Guided Artillery Projectile

    New strategic agreement leverages the companies’ combined expertise in guided munitions, projectiles and ramjet propulsion. Aims to provide artillery projectiles capable of delivering highly accurate extended range fires LE BOURGET, France, June 19, 2019 – Boeing [NYSE: BA] … Continue reading

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Throttle Controls Altitude and Yoke Controls Attitude

Once again we’ve made it through another week, but you have to admit that it’s been interesting but somewhat troubling. Readers, it’s not enough that Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez has set new standards for stupidity (did you catch Timothy Sloan’s testimony in … Continue reading

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SB-1 Defiant Is Built!

The SB-1 Defiant is a joint venture of Boeing and Sikorsky that was rolled out of its West Palm Beach, FL. hanger in 2018. This is one of two advanced prototypes built for the U.S. Army’s Joint Multirole technical demonstration … Continue reading

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The Paris Air Show kicks off 23 June 2017 at the Paris Le Bourget Exhibition Centre, Le Bourget, France. Ask you can see from this video, commercial aircraft are getting longer with seating space getting smaller. Interestingly enough, flight performance … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2013–Closing Comments and Photo Gallery

This year’s SOFIC conference was an exciting event and every bit as good as prior years. The combined efforts of NDIA and USSOCOM account for that. There was, as always, a wealth of information transferred. If you are a small … Continue reading

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Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons (EMP) Are Closer Than You Think.

Long a favorite of Hollywood screen writers and movie makers is the energy weapon. These devices, referred to in the trade as EMPs or Electromagnetic Pulse weapons, are much closer to production than you think. All of the major economies … Continue reading

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Elbit Systems and Boeing Announce Directed IR Countermeasures Systems For Boeing Platforms.

Of major concern to aircraft, be it military or commercial, is the threat of Man-portable Air Defense Systems or MPADS. These anti-aircraft missiles are easily transported and can be fired from anywhere with a high degree of success. The companies … Continue reading

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Boeing’s Champ Barrage Jamming On Steroids…

The Boeing Champ is still in its experimental stages but it’s looking pretty good. As someone who’s been on the receiving end of CCCP jammers, I’ve always felt nothing surpasses a good blast of RF or EMI to hose up … Continue reading

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EADS & BAE Systems In Merger Talks

By: Sal Palma Two of Europe’s largest defense contractors, EADS and BAE Systems, have entered merger negotiations, which if approved would result in a European defense giant on par with Boeing. The €38 billion deal would alter the global defense industry … Continue reading

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Wrapping Up JTRS

Boeing’s GMR At the heart of the JTRS project is the concept of a software definable radio or SDR. The SDR is a hardware form much like your laptop; consisting of a processor or processors with its supporting circuitry – like memory, codecs, … Continue reading

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