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Beretta’s i-Protect System

i-Protect represents a state of the art digitization of the operator, his or her weapon system and geo referenced information to provide a more complete command and control picture down to the individual level. i-Protect requires the use of a … Continue reading

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Apache Helicopters Engage Taliban Fighters: The Need To Strengthen C2ISR

This LiveLeak video is an outstanding example on the importance of our rotary wing assets, particularly in asymmetric conflicts. It illustrates the challenges faced by forces as they attempt to coordinate engagements. As the video chronicles, ground forces with visibility of insurgents, unavailable to … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2011 – Understand

USSOCOM’s charter calls for near surgical precision; requiring that teams have as complete knowledge of their AOR, area of responsibility, as technology will allow. Cultural, language, situational awareness, surveillance and reconnaissance are essential to mission success. The need to understand dictates that USSOCOM … Continue reading

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