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Here’s Your Chance to Personalize You Camelback Water Bottle

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  One more backpack is never too many, especially when you’re talking about CAMELBAK’s BFM™ 100OZ MIL SPEC CRUX CAMELBAK’s BFM™ 100OZ MIL SPEC CRUX is one of the best packs I’ve had the opportunity to review in quite some … Continue reading

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  CamelBak redesigned the MIL Motherload™ backpack for 2019. One of the more significant improvements was to the hydration system. The company introduced the MIL SPEC CRUX™ 3L LUMBAR RESERVOIR. The result is greater stability and comfort while retaining all … Continue reading

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CamelBak Products LLC Is Now Part Of Vista Outdoors

  If there ever was an American success story CamelBak Products LLC is certainly it. The Petaluma, CA. company’s CamelBak brand is recognized the world over for its innovative hydration products in use with the world’s militaries and  outdoors enthusiasts, … Continue reading

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CamelBak dominates the hydration space through constant innovation, product development and great marketing.  They are a must see stop for me at Shot Show or any other venue for that matter. New for 2015, CamelBak has introduced two packs in … Continue reading

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CamelBak’s Phantom 20LR Pack

I ran across this pack on the Camelbak website and it seemed like a pretty good arrangement to consider for readers that are into Alpine training, etc. or if you need a light low-profile mountain patrol pack. Check it out. … Continue reading

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Camelback’s FORGE A Better Travel Mug…

Leak Proof Double-Wall Impact-Resistant Cap Aroma Bowl Lock-Open Button with leak-proof closure for frequent sipping.

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Our Recommended Stocking Stuffers For Your 2013 Holiday Season.

We’d like to kickoff your Cyber Monday shopping with our recommendation for some great stocking stuffers. Our selection process remains the same as in prior years; form, function, quality and customer service. We hope you enjoy them and we wish … Continue reading

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CamelBak’s® Armorbak™. A Compact Hydration System for Today’s Warriors and First Responders.

By: Sal Palma This is another great hydration system from Camelbak. It’s hard to imagine what more can be done with a polyethylene bladder, hose and bite valve but the folks at Camelbak continuously improve on the concept. After SHOT … Continue reading

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CamelBak® All Clear™ – Microbiological UV Water Purification.

 Roughly 75% of the earth’s surface is covered by water, yet clean and clear sources of potable water are increasingly scarce. It’s not redundant to emphasize the importance of water to ecosystems and to terrestrial life forms, or at least … Continue reading

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The All Clear™ Water Purification System By Camelbak.

As the theater of operations shifts from Iraq and Afghanistan to Asia-Pacific, soldiers and operators will say farewell to sands and moon dust and hello to lush tropical rainforests; everything from apparel to logistics changes. Having access to a portable … Continue reading

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Camelbak’s Linchpin™- An Outstanding Assault Pack & Hydration System.

There is no substitute for a well designed anything! The  Linchpin™ assault pack from Camelbak is no exception to that sweeping statement, and I think you’d be hard pressed to find anything at its price point that comes even close to it! Check out my review… … Continue reading

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Cambelbak’s Linchpin™

Cambelbak's  Linchpin™

Read my review coming your way 7 May 2012.

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Coming To The FOG HORN In May…

We’ve got some great articles and reviews coming your way this May. I’ll be reviewing Camelbak’s newest addition to its highly successful pack line, the Linchpin™. This pack is extremely well made and possibly the most comfortable pack, of its size,  I’ve … Continue reading

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CamelBak® ThermoBak® AB à la mode

As 2011 comes to a close, I have to reflect back on days when prior to running a night operation I instructed members of my squad to fill their canteens to reduce the noise as we moved. In some instances, … Continue reading

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Camelbak Thermobak® AB – Maximum Gear “A La Mode”

This week I’ll be wrapping up my review of Camelbak’s Thermobak® AB. Experience counts and once more Camelbak has impressed me with a host of little hints, which when combined scream out “EXCELLENCE!” I’ll take you through the product detail by … Continue reading

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CamelBak® Impact Elite™ – Great Versatility and Comfort in a High Performance Tactical Glove.

Last month, I had the pleasure of reviewing what I think is the best hot weather tactical glove on the market, the CamelBak® Vent™. In this review, I cranked it up a notch and looked at a glove that is … Continue reading

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CamelBak® Vent™ Hot Weather Gloves That Work!

Gloves are items that usually end up getting ignored until you actually need them; then you wonder why the hell you left them back at your outpost. They perform a number of very useful and generally unappreciated functions, like keeping … Continue reading

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