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Vision-Box Happy Flow Access Control System

  Considered the top airport innovation of 2015 by Airport Business Webzine, Happy Flow™ is Vision-Box®‘s groundbreaking approach to combining integrated airport management and a top-flight passenger experience. For the first time a passenger is able to cross an airport … Continue reading

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Five Point Plan For The Coming Gun Control Battle.

Take out your checkbooks and make meaningful donations to the NRA. They will need it! Mobilize! Simply making You Tube videos and tweets won’t help. Start at a local level, your mayors and state officials – several of them have … Continue reading

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Letter To The 113th Congress.

Distinguished members of Congress, Some of your colleagues have responded to the Newtown, CT tragedy with a promise of new legislation to ban standard magazine capacities and modern semi-automatic rifles, erroneously referred to as assault rifles. I respectfully submit that … Continue reading

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The Gun Control Fallacy…

I was reading an article posted on CNN.com titled Gun control: Change is possible – and fast written by Philip Alpers. It is a stellar example of the benighted logic that’s employed by the anti-gun lobby in America. Alper’s article … Continue reading

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