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Drone technology leaders, experts and geeks! Join the conversation at the FAA UAS Symposium!

What’s now and what’s next on drone technology?Find out at the FAA UAS Symposium Are you in the drone business or simply have a passion for flying drones? The 5th Annual FAA UAS Symposium is coming to you this summer … Continue reading

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The Federal Aviation Administration has been busy

It’s been a busy week, at least for me. I’ve been digesting the changes that the FAA is implementing. I’m still working my way through 14 CFR Parts 1, 47, 48, 89, 91, and 107, Remote Identification of Unmanned Aircraft … Continue reading

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You’re Grounded !

TGIF, we’ve made it through another week! I hope you’ve all had a productive and incident free week. I’ve been working on a number of reviews so stay tuned. I’m looking forward to the weekend as John Wick Chapter 3 … Continue reading

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· Indra has an advanced anti-drone system that has been tested in countries where this type of attack is common and poses a major threat · It is one of the few companies in the world that has already sold … Continue reading

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AeroVironment Quantix Drone and Decision Support System To Aid National Park Service Recovery Efforts From Southern California Woolsey Fire

Woolsey fire destroyed 88% of National Park Service land within the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area AeroVironment Quantix™ drone & Decision Support System™ data analytics platform delivered drone-based aerial imagery and actionable intelligence to guide disaster assessment and recovery … Continue reading

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Discover Air Map’s New App

  Discover your airspace.Access up-to-date airspace intelligence for every country in the world. Global Airspace Rules & Advisories Get to know and understand the airspace around you with global airspace rules, advisories, weather, and more, right at your fingertips. Intuitive Flight … Continue reading

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Delair and ECA Group Unveil Their Multi-drone Ground Station

  MILIPOL 2017, Paris, France: the new ground control station developed by Delair and ECA Group, French specialists in civil, defense and security mini-drones, is changing the game for collaborative drone missions. To succeed in drone-based security missions, the ground … Continue reading

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I’ve been chatting with a number of my UAV sources and was informed that UAV sales have been through the roof this Holiday Season. The majority of buyers fall under the category of recreational users. I think that’s a wonderful … Continue reading

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We’ve just completed taking the FAA’s knowledge exam. The exam is advertised as a 2 hr., 60 question test; however, the FAA includes 5 or 6 additional questions to  validate them so plan on sitting for a 65 question exam. … Continue reading

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Drone is a new rag printed in the U.K where UAVs are out of the closet in a very big way. Our interest in drones is that they are part of the ISR fabric with a rapidly increasing commercial application. … Continue reading

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MILIPOL 2015 DEDRONE DroneTracker

Dedrone is a German Company headquartered in Kassel Germany with U.S. offices in Charleston W.V. The company manufactures DroneTracker, a multi-sensor drone detection system, that is effective against auto-pilot, quiet (glider type) and shape-changed drones and a detection range of … Continue reading

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Johnny Dronehunter

  The year is 2015 a.d. and man has survived the wars but he faces new and present dangers. Technology which once helped him now hunts him, and liberty is a passing concept. Freedom belongs to those who stand squarely … Continue reading

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Parrot Bebop Drone Available For Pre-Order

Parrot, is best known as the makers of the AR.Drone 2.0 smartphone-controlled mini quadcopter. They have recently added a new model that has peaked my interest. The new addition to the Parrot fleet is called “BeBop.” Whereas previous Parrot drones … Continue reading

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Free Syrian Army Captured A Surveillance Drone Manufacturing Facility

This video was shot by the FSA, it is believed to be that of an Assad drone manufacturing facility. The drones appear to be variants of Iran’s  Ababil, or Swallow. The Iranian Abadil or Swallow is launched from the back of a … Continue reading

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Infotron IT180 VTOL UAV

  I thought  counter-rotating rotors were exclusive to the Kamov Russian designs, a la Mischa… This little guy sports 2 counter-rotating rotors, and can be deployed in 2 minutes or less. It comes with a choice of powerplants either an electric brushless … Continue reading

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How Do You Take Over Your Adversary’s Drone? A Holiday’s Shoot-The-Shit…

Part of what I enjoy most about the Holiday Season is sitting down with the “brus” putting a few down the hatch while engaging in, what military parlance defines as, a shoot-the-shit. Shoot-the-shits may involve a cigar or two, some … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Believe the UAV Will Become One of the More Meaningful Developments in Our Lives, You Need To Checkout The Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter…

Man’s fascination with flight began when man encountered his first Aves. The concept of soaring into the skies so preoccupied man that he developed aircraft to carry him into that lofty space. Soon after his first flight, man saw aviation in a … Continue reading

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