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Drone technology has advanced significantly opening up a whole new world of possibilities; however, in the wrong hands, it can easily become an unexpected and lethal weapon. A simple drone can now be purchased, at a relatively low cost, online … Continue reading

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Opening Up the Skies for Drones: Why Innovation, Disruption & Collaboration Are Key

Why Innovation, Disruption & Collaboration Are Key Drones are already hard at work transporting medical supplies, inspecting critical infrastructure, and saving lives in post-disaster recovery. But without a scalable air traffic management infrastructure, most operations will stay grounded.Join AirMap Co-Founder … Continue reading

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DJI Introduces Mavic Pro: Foldable and Portable Drone

At a press event in New York City today, DJI introduced the all-new Mavic Pro (starting at $749). The foldable drone (that packs up to around the size of a water bottle) features a built-in 4k camera,  3-axis gimbal, and … Continue reading

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New FAA Regulations for Drones

This post applies to individuals or companies who currently operate drones for commercial application. All drone operators need to examine what you’re are doing with your drones and if there is any gray area or overlap with commercial activity, error … Continue reading

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Paris Drone Festival 4 Sep 2016

The Champs Elysees will be abuzz Sunday when the fast growing sport of FPV (first person view) drone racing descends on the most famous avenue in the world. And what better place to showcase the technology that’s transforming this from … Continue reading

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The proliferation of hobby and commercial sUAS represents a significant threat to commercial aviation and domestic critical infrastructure. DHS, FAA and DOD are the principal drivers behind the recent Draconian restrictions placed on commercial and hobby sUAS flight.  The Federal … Continue reading

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Is Skynet Coming?

I’m a confirmed early adopter. All my life, I’ve embraced technology and used it extensively as an enabler. I seek knowledge of it, ways to apply it and master it. Others express noticeable timidity, suspicion, and in extreme cases irrational … Continue reading

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  Drone Munitions Launches Tactical Drone Defense Ammunition Premium ammunition and merchandising protecting the freedoms and rights to privacy of American citizens. Meridian, Idaho (February 2015)- Drone Munitions, based out of Meridian, ID is pleased to announce the launch of … Continue reading

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Deer Trail, CO, Officials Are Asked To Please NOT Shoot Down Drones.

Just when you think you’ve hear it all, you discover that you’re only at the tip of the iceberg. It appears that officials from Deer Trail, CO are contemplating issuing a $25 drone hunting license. They may even post a … Continue reading

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