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FAA Moving Forward to Enable Safe Integration of Drones

WASHINGTON – The FAA published airworthiness criteria for the proposed certification of 10 different Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or drones as special class aircraft. This is a crucial step to enabling more complex drone operations beyond what is allowed under … Continue reading

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Drones are in vogue and this Christmas shopping season is no different. One of the top sellers for 2020 is projected to be DJI Mavic Mini and Mavic Mini 2. The performance of these tiny drones is just short of … Continue reading

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The FAA launched a podcast!

Meet The Air Up There, a podcast for people who are curious about aviation Meet The Air Up There, a Podcast for People Who Are Curious About Aviation It’s no secret that we at the Federal Aviation Administration think aviation … Continue reading

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Are You Being Influenced ?

Holy mackerel what a week! If you’ve been watching the Virtual Democratic National Convention you’re probably one of a handful, and it’s quite likely that you’re thinking about therapy. Stop! You don’t need therapy you need to have a good … Continue reading

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Drone technology leaders, experts and geeks! Join the conversation at the FAA UAS Symposium!

What’s now and what’s next on drone technology?Find out at the FAA UAS Symposium Are you in the drone business or simply have a passion for flying drones? The 5th Annual FAA UAS Symposium is coming to you this summer … Continue reading

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Remote ID Cohort Information

Remote ID Cohort Information Thanks for the questions we received after yesterday’s press release on the Remote ID Cohort. To clarify, the Cohort is not part of the decision-making process for the proposed Remote ID rule final rule. The Cohort … Continue reading

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U.S. Department of Transportation Announces Technology Partners for Remote ID Development

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today announced the eight companies that will assist the Federal government in establishing requirements for future suppliers of Remote Identification (Remote ID). Remote ID will enable Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), … Continue reading

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The Federal Aviation Administration has been busy

It’s been a busy week, at least for me. I’ve been digesting the changes that the FAA is implementing. I’m still working my way through 14 CFR Parts 1, 47, 48, 89, 91, and 107, Remote Identification of Unmanned Aircraft … Continue reading

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Amazon1 respectfully submits this petition for exemption to facilitate the operations of our Prime Air delivery service using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the United States. Specifically, Amazon seeks an exemption: (1) pursuant to 49 U.S.C. § 44807 to fulfill … Continue reading

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Now Available: Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability for Recreational Flyers

  Great news for recreational drone pilots! The FAA is upgrading its LAANC (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability) system to allow recreational flyers to request automated airspace authorizations to fly in U.S. controlled airspace.This means that recreational users can … Continue reading

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You’re Grounded !

TGIF, we’ve made it through another week! I hope you’ve all had a productive and incident free week. I’ve been working on a number of reviews so stay tuned. I’m looking forward to the weekend as John Wick Chapter 3 … Continue reading

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If you hold a Part 107 sUAS certificate, be sure that you’re on top of your expiration date. Part 107 requires that you take a recurrent knowledge exam, or if you are Part 61 a training class,  every 24 months. … Continue reading

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Low-Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) Expands To 46 Airports Covering 200 Cities

As a remote pilot my biggest challenge is obtaining FAA authorization to clear airspace for operations. AirMap, based in Santa Monica, California, has been working with the FAA to implement LAANC across the United States. In a nutshell, LAANC is … Continue reading

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FAA Grants Airworthiness Certificate for Aurora’s Optionally-Piloted UH-1H

Manassas, VA, November 1, 2017 – Aurora Flight Sciences announced that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted a Special Airworthiness Certificate to Aurora’s newest optionally-piloted aircraft, a UH-1H helicopter. The latest development in the Office of Naval Research’s (ONR) … Continue reading

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FAA Expands Restricted Air Space for UAS Operations

The use of UAS is expanding exponentially and some of our readers have begun to incorporate the use of UAS for tactical operations training or aerial filming of training sessions. You need to be aware of your airspace at any … Continue reading

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We’ve just completed taking the FAA’s knowledge exam. The exam is advertised as a 2 hr., 60 question test; however, the FAA includes 5 or 6 additional questions to  validate them so plan on sitting for a 65 question exam. … Continue reading

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New FAA Regulations for Drones

This post applies to individuals or companies who currently operate drones for commercial application. All drone operators need to examine what you’re are doing with your drones and if there is any gray area or overlap with commercial activity, error … Continue reading

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Paris Drone Festival 4 Sep 2016

The Champs Elysees will be abuzz Sunday when the fast growing sport of FPV (first person view) drone racing descends on the most famous avenue in the world. And what better place to showcase the technology that’s transforming this from … Continue reading

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A number of our readers may operate drones as a tool while conducting training, videography or both. It’s important that you understand and comply with FAA rules and regulation. There are a number of regulations in place. First you can … Continue reading

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