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Swab-Its Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs

Swab-Its manufactures a number of firearm cleaning products: Bore-tips, Gun-Tips, Bore-Whips, Bore-Sticks and now the Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swab. The company differentiates itself in the marketplace by producing foam reusable cleaning accessories that are effective and easy to use. … Continue reading

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Swab-its Star Chamber Cleaning Swabs For The M4 / AR-15

AR owners are all too familiar with what a pain it is to clean the chamber. Swab-Its, makers of the popular Bore Tips, introduced their Star Chamber Cleaning foam swabs in late April 2017. We’ll be trying them out this … Continue reading

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What Custom Foam For Your Pelican Case? Visit Pelicanfoam.com

Pelican  has solved the electric kitchen knife savaging of your case foam by introducing pelicanfoam.com, the easiest place to get custom foam to protect you’re your equipment. Pelican’s new online tool, pelicanfoam.com, lets you design and create your custom foam … Continue reading

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