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Tomahawk Axe

WILDSTEER ALERT!! ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Tomahawk Axe ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ PGM Précision limited edition by Wildsteer France coming soon ! Immediate reservation with payment at the time of order: francois@pgmprecision.com Book yours now! In details : Numbered PGM logo engraving French manufacturing Steel X46Cr13 … Continue reading

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· The company signs an amendment to the contract started by Dassault Aviation and Airbus D&S GmbH in 2019 to play the same role as them and allow Spanish industry to join the work of the Joint Concept Study of … Continue reading

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The company PGM Precision continues to create and produce quality accessories made in France. A fan and enthusiast of PGM Precision testifies to our optimal reducer: “I have tested the sound suppressor PGM Badger and the rear monopod by PGM”” … Continue reading

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Thanks during the health crisis

THANK YOU SO MUCH ! COVID-19 situation may have been particularly complicated for some of you.However, thanks to your loyalty, PGM Precision can continue to operate and thus honour both administrative and civil orders.The PGM precision team sincerely thanks you … Continue reading

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New limited series of Wildsteer knives 2020 !

NEW WILDSTEER KNIVES! New numbered limited series of knives PGM Précision by our faithful friends from Wildsteer France ‼️‼️ Etching from 001/100 to 100/100 12 cm black blade Böhler steel N690 thickness 4,7mm PGM Logo 3 paracord colours: black, desert … Continue reading

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Military Aircraft Paris Airshow, Le Bourget, France

Aircraft photos courtesy ASDS

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Aero Space Defense Security – Paris Airshow Le Bourget, France 2019

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Video From the Paris Airshow June 17, 2019 – Le Bourget, France


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  One of the more interesting technologies exhibited at EUROSATORY 2018, is a product offering from French designer STARNAV. The RAPACE system is far more than a bore sighting tool as explained by Anthony Candelot one of the company’s engineers. … Continue reading

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The founding of the European Union on November 1, 1993, Maastricht, Netherlands was a great achievement in concept. The creation of a common market, with open trade and with a common currency eliminating foreign currency translation complications. However, over time … Continue reading

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On Bastille Day; while men, women and children enjoyed celebratory fireworks, a lone terrorist drove a large truck through a crowded street in Nice; killing at least 80 people, including children, and injuring 50. These numbers are expected to rise … Continue reading

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Zapata Racing Flyboard Air

Zapata Racing started life competing in powered water craft events. The company’s founder Franky Zapata has been engaged in designing high performance hydro propelled devices. Zapata’s latest project, still in development, is  the Flyboard® Air. Unlike the hydro-propelled devices, like … Continue reading

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Wishing All Of Our Readers A Happy Easter

We wish you a Safe and  Happy Easter! May the spirit of this celebration permeate your lives. As you gather with friends and families please remember the friends and families of those souls lost in the Brussels bombings, their lives … Continue reading

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It’s Friday and time for our weekly shoot-the-shit. This past week has been incredible with the same social impact as the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks on U.S. soil. On Friday, 13 Nov 2015, a handful of imbeciles decided it … Continue reading

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Vive La France Nous Aimons Paris

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SOFINS is an annual event hosted by the French Special Forces community with attendance limited to French and Foreign Special Forces. It’s a great opportunity for information exchange and great liaison. This year the event will be held at Camp … Continue reading

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, This is an excellent photo expose by Monsieur Cyril Bonnet of L’Obs.  There’s a total of 18 superb photos documenting his time with what L’Obs refers to as “les tireurs d’élite” or elite shooters. It’s annotated in French. Click … Continue reading

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Charlie Hebdo’s 14 January 2015 Cover

Courtesy Liberation.fr Tout Est Pardonne’ , which translates to “Everything Is Forgiven” speaks volumes to the events that have unfolded in France over the past week; yet, we continue to see media stereotype a world religion by the actions of thugs and … Continue reading

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FAMAS Alive and Well In 2014

Rumors about the demise of the venerable French FAMAS abound on the internet; however, at least with regards to the FELIN program, France’s FAMAS doesn’t appear to be going any time soon. Assuming the key drivers for deploying a bull-pup … Continue reading

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France’s FÉLIN Combat System

  FÉLIN (Fantassin à Équipement et Liaisons Intégrés) Integrated Infantryman Equipment and Communications). The French military is one of a few organizations to successfully integrate a number of technologies and weapon system to deliver a functional equivalent to the U.S. … Continue reading

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Petzl’s Standard Setting STRIX IR Headlamp Review

By: Sal Palma I first came across Petzl’s STRIX series of headlamps at SHOT SHOW 2013 and again at SOFIC 2013. I was intrigued by Petzl’s new headlamp; it was very much “un-headlamp” like and when compared to the more … Continue reading

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Bastille Day Celebration in Paris

Deux pays unifié dans le concept de la liberté et de la démocratie. Vive La France! Voila!

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Armée de la France à première vue…

This is an interesting video showing France’s current ground forces posture and some hints of its capabilities. Check out the diversity in weapons systems and soldier systems.

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Extrema Ratio’s Glauca B1 – Review

By: Sal Palma Collaboration between the masters at Extrema and Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale of France, renders a versatile tactical folder. Extrema Ratio has built a reputation around design and manufacture of many of the world’s best combat … Continue reading

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EADS – BAE Merger Still Alive!

A German news agency, citing sources close to the merger negotiations, has alleged that further talks would not move forward. Opposition by member nations being one principal reason(s). EADS has categorically denied the report and is moving forward with the £28 billion … Continue reading

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EADS & BAE Systems In Merger Talks

By: Sal Palma Two of Europe’s largest defense contractors, EADS and BAE Systems, have entered merger negotiations, which if approved would result in a European defense giant on par with Boeing. The €38 billion deal would alter the global defense industry … Continue reading

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Crimson Trace Corporation LTG-701: A Reader Question

Since I posted news of my upcoming review of the Crimson Trace LTG-701, I’ve had a number of reader questions that I will hit in my review, so please hold off on those. The review should be out in two … Continue reading

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Bastinelli Creations

Bastinelli Knives are not necessarily for everyone but then again neither is an Armani Prive. Like the dress, Bastien Coves’ concepts integrate impeccable design and art form with the natural martial flow; very much like the Armani Prive on a deserving figure. La quintessence de … Continue reading

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Bastinelli Creations Artisan and Rising Blade Master

I have recently taken notice of someone I believe to be a rather gifted knife designer,  Bastien Coves of Bastinelli Creations. Bastien is a French knife maker working out of a small shop in Paris. Bastien is not simply a gifted young artist; he is, … Continue reading

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Eurosatory 2012 (Continued)

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Merci Nicolas Sarkozy!

Je tiens à remercier le Président sortant Nicolas Sarkozy pour renforcer les liens entre la France et les Etats-Unis. Nous vous souhaitons bonne chance! Nos félicitations au Président élu François Hollande.

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France’s Direction Générale De l’Armement – Calepin international des principales entreprises travaillant pour la défense

France’s DGA is the equivalent to our own DoD. Annually, they publish the “Calepin international des principales entreprises travaillant pour la défense.” The publication is a directory of companies currently engaged in France’s defense initiatives. Although the publication is written … Continue reading

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