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Federal Ammunition Now Offers 350 Legend in Its Fusion Line

ANOKA, Minnesota – June 15, 2020 – The 350 Legend cartridge offers higher velocities than any straight-wall, deer-hunting cartridge. Federal initially launched the 350 Legend cartridge into its product catalog by offering two soft-point 180-grain options in its Power-Shok and … Continue reading

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Handloaders Can Make It Their Own With Fusion Component Bullets

ANOKA, Minnesota – March 29, 2019 – Federal is excited to announce new Fusion component bullets, which will let handloaders craft their own loads with the bullet design that forever changed hunting ammunition. Shipments have been delivered to dealers.Fusion component … Continue reading

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Federal Offers Fusion MSR 300 Blackout

ANOKA, Minnesota – July 12, 2017 – Federal Ammunition is pleased to announce a new 150-grain 300 Blackout load designed for deer hunters in its Fusion MSR lineup. Shipments of this new product are currently being delivered to dealers.Modern sporting … Continue reading

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Vertx Announces its Fusion Stretch Tactical Pants

Tactical pants that offer all the function and performance prepared professionals demand while providing the ultimate in comfort and fit. Cincinnati, Ohio (April 2017) – Vertx, a leader in low-profile apparel and gear for the prepared professional, announces the release … Continue reading

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Fusion Adds a 6.8 SPC 90-Grain Option to its MSR Lineup

Federal Premium Ammunition announced it’s expanding the Fusion MSR line with a 90-grain option in 6.8 SPC. The load joins the existing Fusion MSR lineup, which includes 223 Rem. 62-grain, 6.8 SPC 115-grain, 308 Win. 150-grain and 338 Federal 185-grain … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2012 / ISOF 2012 – STS AN/PVS-21 LPNVG

Spent some time with the folks from the O’Gara Company checking out the STS AN/PVS-21 LPNVG (Low Profile Night Vision Goggle), a rather impressive piece of technology. The obvious is of course its compactness, especially when compared to an AN/PVS-14. The LPNVG … Continue reading

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Do You Favor DHS Scanning Social Media As Part of Its Intelligence Gathering Process?

Some of you may not be aware that the Department of Homeland Security, DHS, funds and co-operates with the host states a total of 11 fusion centers across the United States. Fusion centers are data mining facilities supported by advanced … Continue reading

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