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FOG HORN’s Jackass Of The Year Award!

For good to exist there must be evil, so it follows that New York Times’ Man of The Year must have an antithesis. For that reason, we created FOG HORN’s Jackass Of The Year. This year that distinction goes to  … Continue reading

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How The Economy Got Here…

By: Sal Palma This will be my last piece under the Election Year BS topic. I felt it was important and it has received little attention in the media who chooses to focus on Romney’s 47% and Obama’s redistribution of … Continue reading

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Yet Another True Story…

The upcoming RNC in Tampa has generated a great deal of energy and enthusiasm. This morning found me sitting in the Patio at Panera’s having a cup of coffee. My table was at the corner of Swann Ave. and Howard. The light … Continue reading

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First Pictures From Tampa As RNC Get’s Ready To Rumble!

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