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Now Shipping – Magpul Bump Case iPhone 7/8 & X/Xs


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The best $16.95 you’ll ever spend on your iPhone!

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This smart phone video illuminator + charger enables smart phone users to shoot vibrant high-quality video at night or in poorly lit spaces -something never before possible! It features two high-performance LEDs whose light output is shaped by two specially … Continue reading

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Gear Review: Streamlight EPU-5200

  Streamlight’s latest addition to their USB product line, the EPU-5200, is a robust, portable and rechargeable power pack with enough under the hood to recharge any of the company’s USB illumination tools, smart devices like iPhones and tablets. At … Continue reading

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Do You Really Need A Ballistics Calculator?

This Friday’s shoot-the-shit topic is geared towards the tactical precision rifle folks in cyberspace. These are the folks that are called upon to take the shot but could really careless about producing ragged holes on the job. So, here’s our … Continue reading

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Another True Story – An iPhone Moron

Two day’s ago, I was struck by hunger pain, so I shut down the printing press and went out to get some grub at a local hole in the wall – excellent food and great prices. Driving to the restaurant … Continue reading

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GoTenna A VHF Front End For Your Smart Device

I found out about this device from a crowd funding source so I checked it out for my readers. The concept is not intuitive although no special skills are required to use it. In fact, the only things required are … Continue reading

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Midnight Three Gun Invitational App is Now Available

If you can’t reach central Oregon to attend Crimson Trace’s Midnight 3-Gun Invitational that is now underway, a new FREE app (M3GI 2014) offers the next-best-thing—instant access to the action and scores. Attendees at the range will be uploading images … Continue reading

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FLIR Accepting Pre-Orders For FLIR One iPhone Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR One is a thermal camera for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. It operates at the 10 micron spectrum and supports the full palette of colors including white hot / black hot. The image is matrixed consisting of a … Continue reading

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Applied Ballistics iOS Mobile App Available For Download

Applied Ballistics announced the release of its iOS version of their mobile app, “Applied Ballistics Mobile”; allowing Apple iPhone and tablet owners to download and take advantage of the ballistic computing software. The Applied Ballistics Mobile App runs a Point … Continue reading

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Rust-Oleum NeverWet

Rust-Oleum Never Wet is a non conductive hydrophobic (repels water) coating containing nano particles that bind with the material being coated forming a moisture barrier. The coating can be applied to metal, wood, fabric, leather, and cardboard. It can even … Continue reading

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Hazard 4 Big Koala–MOLLE Compatible Pouch for Your Smart Device

The diversity in equipment load outs is such that transporting or carrying these devices is nearly as important as the device itself. Smartphones, PDAs, iPad have all been integrated into the individual soldier/operator equipment loads, unfortunately without a great deal … Continue reading

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A Couple of Follow-up Pictures of Bushnell’s PowerSync Solar Wrap 400

I can’t say enough about Bushnell’s PowerSync technology, but I am definitely stoked about their Solar Wrap 400. So, I took a couple of pictures to show you how well everything integrates in practical application. For the pictures, I loaded … Continue reading

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iSniper, Inc. Introduces the iDryfire™ Laser Target System App for the iPhone and iPod…

iSniper, Inc., developer of the iMarksman® Virtual Target System for Marksmanship and Use of Force Training, announced the release of the iDryfire Laser Target System iPhone and iPod Touch app.  The iDryfire™ Laser Training System iPhone and iPod app makes … Continue reading

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Snapzoom–Any Smartphone on any Optic

By: Sal Palma There’s no question that tactical application of notepads and smartphones is increasing at a rapid rate. These devices have added layers of capability previously missing from ISR (Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance). The iPhone and iPad, due to … Continue reading

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iPhone Approved For Military Networks Connectivity.

  Last Friday, 17-May-2013, the DoD announced that DoD issued iPhones are approved for use on military networks. The approval comes from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) for all DoD issued iPhones and iPads using the iOS6 operating system. … Continue reading

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Yellow Jacket™ iPhone 4 Stun Gun Case – Review

Let there be no doubt in your minds that we’re living in defining times for our great nation. The Second Amendment is under assault by individuals who believe that law abiding citizens do not have the right to defend themselves … Continue reading

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Yellow Jacket™ iPhone 4 Case

iPhone 4/4s owners, if you’re looking at a case for your iPhone that is both practical and stunning, you’ll want to read my March review of  Yellow Jacket’s™ Smartphone Stun Gun Case. Protect your phone and defend yourself with a … Continue reading

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Yellow Jacket Introduces A Stun Gun For Your iPhone…

The Yellow Jacket Case was by far the most innovative product at SHOT SHOW 2013.  The Yellow Jacket Case provides as 650,000 volt stun gun; concurrent with a stun gun, the Yellow Jacket protects your phone and acts as a … Continue reading

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NavELite Compass Smartphone App Approved For Use by Apple…

Andy and his team have been busy. The result is the NavELite Compass smartphone application now available for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Inspired by the NavELite Wrist-Worn, Backlit Magnetic Compass, the NavELite Compass app provides basic compass functionality using the … Continue reading

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New iPhone Coming Your Way!

Apple is basking in success with the introduction of the iPhone and iPad. The unschooled accredit this “2nd coming ” of technology to Apple and Steve Jobs. The reality is that exporting network intelligence to end-user devices has been around for quite some time. … Continue reading

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