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Inland M1 Jungle Carbine

MKS Supply, LLC, Dayton OH June 2016- Inland Manufacturing’s new American made Jungle Carbine brings back the neat looks of the original 1944 and 1945 WWII combat carbine with the added appeal that the barrel thread is 1/2-half-inch x 28 … Continue reading

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U.S. Army Is Looking At New Jungle Boots

Matthew Cox wrote a great piece for Military.com, 2 April 2014, “Army Starts Testing New Jungle Boots for Pacific” Confronted with over 12 years of combat in arid regions, jungle boots have remained unchanged since the Vietnam conflict ended.  I … Continue reading

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The All Clear™ Water Purification System By Camelbak.

As the theater of operations shifts from Iraq and Afghanistan to Asia-Pacific, soldiers and operators will say farewell to sands and moon dust and hello to lush tropical rainforests; everything from apparel to logistics changes. Having access to a portable … Continue reading

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