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Crimson Trace LTG-701: Lightguard™ for Your 1911

Crimson Trace Corporation, CTC, entered the market, 17 years ago, with two, now legendary, products, the Lasergrips® and Laserguard®. Lasergrips® made it possible for non-railed handgun owners to add laser aiming capabilities to their platform. In 2011, CTC announced a … Continue reading

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Crimson Trace Corporation LTG-701: A Reader Question

Since I posted news of my upcoming review of the Crimson Trace LTG-701, I’ve had a number of reader questions that I will hit in my review, so please hold off on those. The review should be out in two … Continue reading

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Crimson Trace Corporation Expands LIGHTGUARD To Include 1911s

One day, God approached man saying “John, I want you to build a handgun that has a great trigger, excellent sight radius, thumb safety, highly reliable and holds 7 rounds of this ammunition that I’m about to give you.” John, … Continue reading

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The USAF Modular Handgun System (MHS) May Still Survive.

In my days in the Navy, the issue handgun was a M1911, .45 ACP. You could hear it rattling as it came out of the holster but it went bang every time you squeezed the trigger. In fact, virtually all … Continue reading

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