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Serious collectors, don’t miss the opportunity to own the M4A1 SOPMOD Block II Clone from Daniel Defense. This M4A1 is built for the hardcore, “USE WHAT THEY USE” enthusiast that wants to be as close to the USSOCOM specification as … Continue reading

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The U.S. Army has released a Sources Sought Notice, (W15QKN-15-X-7820) seeking a single vendor to bundle a laundry list of COTS aftermarket enhancements to its M4A1 carbine. The resulting product will be designated as the M4A1+ If I understood the … Continue reading

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Individual Carbine Competition Is Terminated–M4A1 Stands

  The U.S. Army will finally stop hemorrhaging cash in its quest to find a replacement for the venerable M4A1. In all fairness, the U.S. Army was responding to Congressional pressure to deliver a more “reliable” carbine to our in … Continue reading

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Colt Defense LLC Files Another Legal Protest.

Colt Defense, LLC has filed a second legal protest in what is increasingly becoming a fight to delay its M4A1 business from leaving Colt Defense. Colt won its first protest, filed only 6 months ago, when the Army selected Remington … Continue reading

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The M4’s Reliability In Question

The M4 carbine traces it origins back to the M16A2 and some of its variants, Colt Defense developed it and has been in production since 1994, and in service since 1997. The M4 is a gas operated, magazine feed selective fire weapon. Its … Continue reading

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The Question of Lethality…

Central to the M4 problem is the question of lethality. Is the M4 sufficiently lethal to do the job, and to remain the standard issue carbine for the U.S. Army? To answer it we need to dimension what constitutes lethal; regrettably … Continue reading

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I first came across RIPR at the SOFIC Conference and was so impressed by it that I referred to it as “having the potential to revolutionize…” I stand by that remark without reservation or modification. RESET’s powered rail, know in … Continue reading

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SWR Brings Back Its Highly Successful Specwar 5.56mm Supressor.

SWR (Southeastern Weapons Research) Laurens, SC brings back its highly successful Specwar 5.56mm suppressor. The new design incorporates SWR’s Active Spring Retention (ASR)™ mounting system that guarantees a solid and secure mounting arrangement on any carbine. The Specwar is made … Continue reading

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