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Air Force Technical Sgt. John A. Chapman’s Last Stand

Why I stand for the National Anthem and Salute the Flag   March 4, 2002: John Chapman, an Air Force Combat Controller, along with a SEAL Team, are attempting to rescue their lost teammate. You’ll watch Chapman’s stunning and heroic … Continue reading

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Medal of Honor Warfighter – Weapon Balance

Larry Vickers crew shot a very cool video that reveals the development processes that go into game design. A huge amount of effort goes into establishing a balance between realism and gaming fun. Check it out…

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Vietnam Medal of Honor Recipients To be Recognized on Forever Stamp Sheet

Stamps to be Dedicated Memorial Day at Vietnam Veterans Memorial March 05, 2015 WASHINGTON — Sun., March 8, marks the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the ground war in Vietnam with the deployment of 3,500 Marines. By war’s end … Continue reading

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