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Precision Rifles Require Precision Rings

    All MDT Scope Rings are manufactured to STANAG 4694 specification, also known as “NATO spec”. This means that the scope ring sits tight onto the top of the scope base rail, rather than having a gap like some. This … Continue reading

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Pre-Order For UMQDS Mounts Is Now Open

The U.S. Optics UMQDS mounts are back. The mounts are available for pre-order now and by clicking on the link below, you can get in line. They will be available in a 34mm tube size with the option of 0, … Continue reading

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When SWR became part of the Silencerco family, the subsequent consolidation resulted in a decision to terminate production of a majority of SWR suppressors including the Trident 9. I’ve had multiple requests, from readers, for information on the availability of  … Continue reading

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