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Mil-Spec Monkey Adapt Pack–a collaboration with Tactical Tailor – Review

If you’re looking for a pack that you can take on a family outing, biking or attach to your plate carrier look no further than MSM’s Adapt Pack. I have no doubts that military application was the initial design driver; … Continue reading

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Mil Spec Monkey’s Adapt Pack–Sneak Peek

Later this month, I’ll be bringing you a review of MSM’s Adapt Pack, a collaboration between the Tactical Tailor and Mil Spec Monkey. I took it out for a test ride and was very much impressed by it. Form and … Continue reading

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The MilSpec Monkey Is Now A Pack Meister

Best know for his moral patches, MilSpec Monkey ,Oakland’s finest dude, launches a new product, the MSM Adapt Pack. The design is a collaboration between MilSpec Monkey and Tactical Tailor so you can be assured that it is as functional … Continue reading

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Please Tell MIL-SPEC Monkey What You Think.

MIL-SPEC Monkey is a CA Home Boy, who is probably one of the most unpretentious people on the planet. His every step is an expression of cool. Many of his moral patches can be seen in the darkest corners of … Continue reading

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