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GEMTECH Introduces The Blast Jacket

No, it’s not a suppressor, or a flash hider, nor is it a muzzle brake. It’s GEMTECH’s new Blast Jacket and it’s basically a cowling for your muzzle device. The Blast Jacket is designed to redirect muzzle blast from the … Continue reading

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Griffin Armament, Inc.

Griffin Armament, Inc. is a Wisconsin based manufacturer founded by two Operation Iraqi Freedom combat  veterans. Both Austin and Evan are Army Sniper qualified and served as security contractors in Iraq. They’re both nice as hell guys with an ambition … Continue reading

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Silencerco and SWR Illustrate The Effects Of Muzzle Blast In This Video.

  SOCOM M1A Muzzle Blast Unsuppressed and Suppressed.

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Arsenal Inc. has redesigned the muzzle brake for the SLR-106UR semi-automatic pistol. The new design will lessen felt recoil making the SLR-106UR a bit more manageable to a broader range of shooters. (See Demo) Arsenal claims the new muzzle brake … Continue reading

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SWR Brings Back Its Highly Successful Specwar 5.56mm Supressor.

SWR (Southeastern Weapons Research) Laurens, SC brings back its highly successful Specwar 5.56mm suppressor. The new design incorporates SWR’s Active Spring Retention (ASR)™ mounting system that guarantees a solid and secure mounting arrangement on any carbine. The Specwar is made … Continue reading

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