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Nammo’s 30 mm Swimmer (APFSDS-T MK 258 Mod 1) The Bullet That Swims Through Water

While traditional ammunition is either stopped or deflected when it hits water, Nammo’s 30 mm Swimmer (APFSDS-T MK 258 Mod 1) swims straight through water, thanks to a groundbreaking design on the supercavitating projectile developed in cooperation with the US … Continue reading

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Nammo Completes First Live Firing of Only European F-35 Test Gun

The GAU-22 firing at Nammo’s test center at Raufoss.   Last week Nammo completed the first live fire trials of its recently installed GAU-22, the 4-barrelled Gatling gun carried by the F-35 Lightning II. Housed in a purpose built facility … Continue reading

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